You have the ice-cold metallic barrel of a gun pressed against your head. The nervous sweat and crocodile tears are streaming down your face. And then it happens, your assailant asks you that one ridiculously important question; one that could spell out whether you live or die. “Who is this year’s absolute best new hard music act?” he asks in his deep angry voice.

Audioslave have sure beaten the odds. The rock supergroup (featuring three members of Rage Against the Machine and Soundgarden lead singer Chris Cornell) almost didn’t get off the ground because of record label and management issues over three years ago. Then, after the band persevered to record an awesome and…

There have been many talented new acts to emerge within the past year, but of them all, one of the most ferocious, multi-faceted, and enormously-talented bands is Bloodsimple. Hailing from New York City, a place commonly attributed with darkness, grit, and evil, it seems somewhat ironic that these very adjectives also perfectly describe the music offered on their breakthrough debut disc “A Cruel World”.

You come to consciousness slowly. It’s morning. You realize your waking up, but you don’t want to because you’re having one of the most amazing dreams of your life. You were a ninja and you could fly. Your purpose was clear, defense of glory and happiness against the evil forces of lameness and ignorance. Your weapons: flying high on success, sword of destiny, justice knees, and the ability to harness the power of the sun in your fist. Your goal: to thrust yourself full blown warp speed hypertime into life and be so excellent that people everywhere transform into pure light energy.

Any band who signs a contract with a major record label only to have their disc sitting on a shelf for over a year is bound to feel like crap. Honestly, imagine how you would feel if you put your very heart and soul into your musical work and ended up watching it collect dust as corporate executives gave you the runaround. It’s highly likely that you’d be frustrated, disheartened, and just plain pissed off.