In most instances three years is not a heck of a lot of time for a band to form, record two records, and get signed to a major record label. Nevertheless, a Tennessee based quartet of zealous young musicians known as 10 Years, have seemingly crammed a decade’s worth of experience and musical maturity into a short but intense three year span.

Although the phrase New York City can bring to mind images of a cluttered web of heaven-bound skyscrapers, constant yellow taxi cab-infused traffic jams, and hoards of totally diverse people roaming a labyrinth of numerically labelled streets, this majestic American city can also be known for its dualistic mix of light and dark (good and evil).

Yet another stable of the nu-metal era in alternative rock is back with a new release. Following in the footsteps of recent releases from bands such as Limp Bizkit and Papa Roach, Disturbed is back with 10000 Fists, the band’s third proper studio release. In its over five year existence, Disturbed have established themselves as one…

If you’ve been a fan of Canadian new rock over the last ten years then you are bound to remember the band Econoline Crush. The Vancouver based band formed in the early 1990s in Seattle, Washington when the eventual lead singer Trevor Hurst answered an ad for a new band in a local newspaper. After the band formed, Hurst and his four bandmates uprooted…