Anyone who works all the time without taking time off to unwind runs the risk of ruining their health. In fact, anyone who currently follows a dangerously busy daily routine best be taking some serious down time – it is vital in order to maintain a healthy and stress free life! If you have no idea how to this however, then you should probably get some help.

As with numerous bands in the rock industry, SOiL has taken on its share of bumps and bruises. What separates this band from many others, however, is that their vivacious tenacity has once again aided them in persevering with their musical goals. When the group’s lead singer jumped ship a couple years back, all seemed lost.

Don’t be confused by the look or the sound. Virginia Creeper is not Glam metal and not industrial metal. Rather Virginia Creeper is self proclaimed Prophetic Industrial Metal. Hailing from New York, Virginia Creeper, (incidentally the name of the vocalist and the band) combine grinding guitars and heavy beats with a message heavy on death and dying.

Recently, Chris Gonda sat down with the full lineup of the band known as Vulpine. They discussed the origin of the band, the many events of the past year, the latest album, and what the future holds for the band.

As the frontman for the Tampa based band 4 Star Riot, Steve Alex is no stranger to the music scene. With his newest project Universal Dropout he switches gears a little bit going from the power pop/rock sound of Four Star Riot to a more R&B/ Bluesy sound that suits him well. Described as “that classic blend of sensitivity and swagger, Alex cites influences…

Chris Gonda recently had the chance to speak with the members of Illbreak. They chatted about their recent victory in the competition entitled “Search for the Next Rockstar”, their new album and what the future holds for their band.

Apart from being a quartet of truly down-to-earth, kind, and hospitable guys, Life of Agony is also one hell of a seriously amazing heavy music band. They have playing together since roughly 1989 and after breaking up nearly a decade later in 1999, they have reformed and come back stronger and more powerful than ever.