Will Lyon


3D Radio is like a breath of fresh air, but it is a breeze that many will have a feeling of déjà vu with. The Reveling are a quartet punk band, containing front man Sean Morris (vocals, guitar), Dave Kramer (guitar, vocals), Dennis Murphy (bass, vocals) and Jay Weinberg (drums). Their sound seems to take influence from 80’s hardcore punk, whilst dropping just the right dose of melody to soften the blow. It may not be completely original, but it is good and different to most of the music on the market right now.

Like A Storm consists of four Kiwis who have recently toured the United States with bands such as Creed, Staind, Hoobastank and Puddle Of Mudd. Surely they must be good? Well, the answer isn’t quite as positive as you would hope. The originality of the band is sadly lacking and although you can never judge a book by it’s cover, when you look at their image you automatically presume you are going to listen to emotional pop-rock music that is riddled with clichéd lyrics.

July 13th will bear witness to the first studio recorded music by Toronto based band, The Box Tiger. The indie rock band, fronted by Sonia Sturino only formed in late 2009, yet the group seem eager to release some material that people can listen to at their own leisure. Despite being less than a year old, the Canadians clearly display their talent in this self-titled EP as it contains solid and steady tracks that ooze light, melodic and danceable rock music.

Daylight are loud, fast and did I mention loud? The four piece from Doylestown, Pennsylvania really know how to turn up the volume and in the process make a modern punk sound that has substance as well as style.

The Soft Pack released their self-titled debut album in February 2010 and it has been generally very well received. The four-piece originate from San Diego but their indie rock music can be likened to anything from The Strokes, to The View. The Soft Pack themselves, admitted their music is ‘nothing new’, but instead focus on writing ‘good songs’.

In Denmark, Kashmir are one of the biggest modern bands that the country is currently listening to. After one listen to No Balance EP it is hard to pinpoint why their success hasn’t spread elsewhere because they are packed with indie goodness, waiting to be loved.

Hawthorne Heights have a trend similar to many emo bands that emerged over the first decade of the naughties. They begin to experience the joy of much success with the first two albums, but the third often marks the moment when the group begin to lose fans, usually due to boredom which arises from repetitiveness or lack of creativity from the band.

Three albums down, containing three different styles of music; where could Lostprophets venture next? That was the question posed to the band after their third album Liberation Transmission had been released in 2006. Lostprophets responded in January of this year with The Betrayed and it is quite clear that they decided to bring together all three of their previous albums.

I think most Deftones fans know by now that original bassist Chi Cheng is in a coma and has been for quite some time now, so I won’t dwell too much on the past year or so. The brief summary for the others is that Deftones were putting together final touches on their sixth studio record when Cheng was involved in a car crash and the other members decided to scrap the album once the severity of their bassist’s condition was realised.

Get ready for another feast of power ballads, it’s W.E.T. everyone. Yes, it is time for another indulgence of 80’s emotional rock with some tear jerking, chunky-riff-loving guys from Sweden. Some rock enthusiasts are determined to look for pastures new, rather than the same sounds that were blasted around the world thirty years ago and if you are one of these people, it may be best to look away now.

Liam Gallagher’s best pal, Damon Albarn, is back with his old side project Gorillaz. The virtual band released their third album Plastic Beach in March and it seems to steer in a slightly different direction from previous albums Gorillaz and Demon Days. There’s a diversion from the pop side…

Blood Red Shoes originate from a small south-eastern town in England called Brighton. Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell are the two members of the band, forming England’s secret White Stripes. They released their first album Box Of Secrets in 2008 and have produced a superior and infectious follow up this year called Fire Like This.