Kenny Coull


If you have never heard death metal or thrash, then this (or any other Cannibal Corpse release) will be the most intense thing to grace your CD player… ever. The vocals are the widely accepted, semi-brutal style that infrequently breaks into a crazy scream. The scream itself sounds like some crazy fucker you want to run from.

Postpartum Modesty, A Portrait of Skin, Is the new EP By The Turlock, California band Evaline. The EP here clocks in at 22:34, six songs, I think it could best be described as Working Trippy Rock, with an ample dose of synthesizer-pop sensibilities, but without waning on the guitar rock side of things. It may sound a little random; but it’s an excellent combo, indeed. This is very fun to listen to any day of the week and even if I’m in a pissed off mood it calms me down. This is a very new/fresh unsigned band but they have something going on with Mavrick Records now.