Kenny Coull


Hamilton, Ontario is definitely the home one of the best metal bands in Canada (and the world) today. That band is none other then Threat Signal. Let me tell you right off the bat these guys fucking rock harder then most bands out there. And what’s even cooler is that they still love to play small gigs in little venues even though they are on a huge label like Nuclear Blast.

This is probably one of the heaviest woman-fronted bands that I’ve ever heard. It’s always nice to see a girl that can out scream a guy; most of the time guys tend to think they’re better then everyone else, but in this case I think not! Bands like Kittie and Splatter don’t have shit on Walls Of Jericho, so sit back and read this ‘cause…

After a five year absence, and not to mention a split with their record label, Deadsy are back with their newest CD Phantasmagore. The band is fronted by Elijah Blue, the son of Cher and rocker Gregg Allman. The band’s sound is very sharp, yet catchy and boasts a dark atmosphere with fuzzy/crunchy guitars and amazing synthesizers.

Before I even start this off all I have to say is that after listening to this CD front to back, in my opinion this is by far one of the world’s most under rated metalcore bands. The talent these guys have as a band is unreal and they are probably one of the tightest bands (for this style) that I have ever heard in my fucking life.

All I can say is WOW, this CD is fucking top notch. I heard their EP called Superheroes a while back and it was pretty solid, but this CD brings the band to a whole new level. The piano at the beginning of the CD on the track called “Sacrifice” sounds so bad-ass and then it kicks into this crazy heavy guitar riff and harmonizes perfectly with…