Christopher Gonda


If you’ve not yet heard of Scandinavian Death Metalers Amon Amarth, then you are truly missing out on some damn good shit. In a day and age when music, no matter what genre, sort of begins to meld together, this “huge” quintet (these guys are literally big) is tearing up the world of “loud music” with their standalone Viking and Norse Mythology infused brand of Death Metal.

Other than being the phrase that philosopher/economist Karl Marx is probably best known for, Opiate For The Masses, is now also the name of a relatively new and extremely intense hard rock band from Phoenix, Arizona. Just like Marx, Opiate For The Masses, is going to go down in history as being something totally unique. Not your average hard rock band…

From First to Last is a band whose name might make you think of a downward spiral, but in all honesty, for this group nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, with the insane progress that this band has been making over the past couple of years they have gone literally nowhere but up. Now as the band is in the middle of an extensive…

After the release of the their debut self titled album, Strata spent a very busy year touring across North America, shooting music videos, and doing all of the other necessary band-related publicity that is normally required of an artist. With this year behind them, however, this quartet of sick musicians once again finds themselves locked in the studio.

Over the past seven years Index Case has been busy as heck establishing themselves as a credible loud music act. Hailing from Indianola, Iowa (a small city neighbouring the much more renowned Des Moines; hometown of Metal legends Slipknot), Index Case essentially formed when a few high school friends one day decided to start jamming together.

Formed in 1999, Lock 13 has spent the last several years slowly making one heck of name for themselves. Starting out as a group of friends pumped full of the archetypal teenage angst, they came together and began using music as their form of release from life’s torments. Starting small and even dropping some tunes on a ghetto four-track recorder, the band…

It’s not every day that a former scholar of classical music and an avid fan of Beethoven, Bach, and Vivaldi is also a long-haired metalhead. But in this case, Shane McFee, lead singer of the metal band Backmask, is exactly that. If you’re wondering where you’ve heard the name McFee before, rest assured that it’s not some trendy new McDonald’s meal.