“Shoegaze” bands today are a dime a dozen, but finding a psych band that produces jams with truly infectious grooves is far more rare. San Francisco based group Sleepy Sun is at the forefront of an emerging scene of flowery, trance-y, hypnotic rock that needs no label to be set apart from the crowd. Check out what singer Bret Constantino and guitarist Matt Holliman had to say, and buy their latest album Spine Hits, out now.

In the emerging scene of psychedelic resurgence, there is a sort of connectivity between artists and enthusiasts that transcends time and place. Such is exemplary in the up-and-coming Danish band Black Light White Light, who are steadily gaining recognition all around with their lysergic grooves and infectiously groovy sound. Check out what Martin Ejlertsen, singer and guitarist for the group, had to say about the past and expectant future of psychedelic music.

You’re standing in a dimly lit club, in the middle of a tightly packed crowd, and everyone is focusing on the stage with hushed anticipation. A projector behind you screens light and pattern in dizzying flashes, adding to your growing paranoia and disorientation. Without any notice or spectacle made of it, two men dressed in black take the stage. One seats himself behind a drum set, and the other positions himself behind a mic in the front and grabs a 12-string Vox guitar.