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Who Cares Premiere Their Lovely Music Video for “Simple Lines of Enquiry”

Prolific classical music duo Who Cares premiere their new music video for “Simple Lines of Enquiry,” the title track to their new EP.



Who Cares, photo by Heather Saitz
Who Cares, photo by Heather Saitz

Don’t try telling Who Cares that classical or instrumental music can’t be tons of fun. They will prove to you otherwise on their brand-new single “Simple Lines of Enquiry.” Today, the duo unveil an accompanying music video clip for this beautifully written composition. Like the piece it accompanies, the video is quite abstract and wide open to viewer interpretation. That’s essentially the game plan when it comes to the music crafted by this talented pair.

Who Cares consists of flautist Jiajia Li and violinist Laura Reid. Longtime friends, the two began this musical adventure during the pandemic as a way of providing each other personal and musical support. It then began to grow from something casual to something much more meaningful. The result is their new EP also titled Simple Lines of Enquiry, due for release on July 20th.

Discussing the video for the title track, Laura Reid tells us:

“I wanted to create a visual accompaniment to the audio that maintained the non-narrative quality of instrumental music, prompting imagination and a personal connection to the sounds. One static shot acts as a window into a scene that presents suggestions or questions that a viewer can answer themselves; what is out of the frame, who is there, what is revealed, what is concealed. This recording is an arrangement of the beginning of a piece for solo piano that in full is almost an hour long. This is also why I wanted to make a visual component that was like a glimpse into a moment of time that might continue.”

Set to be 18 minutes in length, Simple Lines of Enquiry will be an exercise in minimalism. Beginning with their previous record, Li and Reid took already existing music written for different instrumentation and created all new arrangements. That was again the focus of Simple Lines of Enquiry, as they carefully selected contemporary Canadian works of the last 20 years and reworked them. With both respect paid to the originals and imagination, the duo has conjured up something special. Li and Reid have always been interested in musical experimentation and improvisation. It enables them to find their own creative freedom.

They carefully chose composers of different generations and backgrounds to ensure that this was a multidisciplinary approach. Nearly all of the original compositions were written for solo piano. That was Li and Reid’s starting point and then the challenge was to try to rework and rearrange. It’s been a great challenge but a rewarding one for them to seek creative solutions when none seemed obvious. It all speaks to the great talents and determination of this dynamic duo.

Who Cares “Simple Lines of Enquiry” single artwork

Who Cares “Simple Lines of Enquiry” single artwork