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An Unforgettable Evening with Underworld at The Piece Hall in Halifax [Photos]

Electronic legends Underworld put on a night at The Piece Hall, which will go down in folklore. Check out the photos here…



Underworld, photo by Frank Ralph Photography

British electronic heroes Underworld visited Halifax and played what will go down in folklore as THE best show The Piece Hall has ever seen. It was the culmination of an act being on top form, the beautiful open-air setting and the pure, unadulterated energy of a crowd that, from front to back, danced as one for the duration of the two sets that made the evening so incredibly memorable.

Colombian-born Ela Minus had opened proceedings with a wonderfully quirky set of beats and live vocals; when she wasn’t facing the screen at the back and peering into her Go-Pro – which filled the back screen with a close-up of her face – she was dancing around the huge stage. It was a fun start to the evening.

Underworld took the stage for the first of their two sets at 7.30 pm, while people were still coming into the venue, which made for some hilarious viewing as people were coming through the gates throwing some of their best dance moves while heading to the main area of the venue, much like the dance-floor approach of dads and uncles at weddings all around the country.

It was a night all about the fans. Even with the legendary status of Underworld, there’s only so much enjoyment that can be derived from watching a bloke twiddling some knobs while someone sings behind him. No, it was the crowd that truly made this show, not stopping for anything, hands in the air and bouncing as one symbiotic unit. It was a beautiful sight to see people of all ages and backgrounds just losing themselves as one in the music.

The first set lasted about an hour and fifteen minutes before they left the stage for it to be reset for the 2nd set, giving everyone an opportunity for a well-earned bar or bathroom break before they went at it again.

With a fresh light backdrop now adorning the stage, Underworld returned and raised their game even further with a much livelier set that saw Karl Hyde a lot more mobile as he moved around the stage dancing and singing.

The light show and the smoke that filled the venue throughout made the venue look like a warzone at times but raised the show’s intensity. Every drop of a beat raised everything up even higher, building and building all night until they closed with “Born Slippy,” which became the anthem of a generation when it was used in the iconic film Trainspotting.

It marked the end of a truly phenomenal night of music. One that, as we said, will go down in the history books as the best show ever seen at The Piece Hall – and there have been some crackers!

One thing for sure is there will have been some fuzzy heads, ringing ears and sore feet the following day – none of which will matter as the memory of that show will never be forgotten.