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TwoGether Land: Atlanta-Flavoured Hip-Hop Under a Texas Sky [Film Forward]

TwoGether Land took over the site of Texas’ famous State Fair on Memorial Day Weekend and we covered the event with unique analog photos.



Key Glock @TwoGether Land, photo by Justin Birnstihl
Key Glock @TwoGether Land, photo by Justin Birnstihl

In the spirit of “C’est la V13,” 35mm film captured these images. Film Forward is the direction that analog images take your mind in the new post-pandemic age of live music. Photographers are in the pit where nothing stands between us and the artists onstage for only the first three songs. Shooting film for kinetic action in low light is unforgiving and demands my complete concentration. I’m forced to stay present of mind for an irreplaceable moment that will be gone in the blink of an eye. More festival info can be found here.

Unity Through Music

That’s the motto of TwoGether Land’s big sister festival, ONE Musicfest. It’s a core value that has nurtured unity in Atlanta for 14 years and counting through festival experiences. Now, Dallas gets a once-annual splash of desperately needed spiritual hot sauce delivered by A-Town’s top party organizer. Bone-shattering bass is served up by the main stage’s musical performances for dancing. Elsewhere, podcasts, roller-skating, spicy foods, and killer photo-worthy activations from sponsors like Toyota, Jack Daniel’s, and Martell create memorable experiences of all kinds.

Release Your Inner Freak at the Main Stage

The ground shakes and the Dirty South dominates two days of live music. TwoGether Land is a reminder that southern hip-hop and R&B trigger our most primal expressions of dance and sexuality. Latto is the essence of raw and animalistic sex when she stalks the stage like a lioness toying with her prey. Barefoot and ferocious, Atlanta’s first platinum-certified female rapper struts and stomps while whipping her audience into a frenzy of lust. Sonic seduction overflows when the silky vocals of Summer Walker and longtime Beyoncé collaborator The-Dream take their turns commanding the stage.

Hip-hop heroes Gucci Mane and Jeezy electrify the crowd as further proof that nobody brings a party like A-Town. Memphis comes heavy with hits delivered by Three 6 Mafia and Key Glock. That Mexican OT lights up and invites fans to share a blunt while they celebrate Texas Chicano pride.

The Uncommon Comfort of America’s Most Celebrated Fairgrounds

The Texas State Fair’s location is outstanding for a music and culture festival. Space in many directions is abundant for dancers, as well folding chair-toting music lovers who favour the shade of mature trees, so everyone has a great view of the spectacular on stage. However, TwoGether Land during a 100-degree heat index shows why the details that make this site so special are also what keeps the festival comfortable.

Cool air conditioning blasts throughout the huge indoor building that hosts the Texas State Fair’s auto show. Here, all festival attendees have access to refrigerated restrooms (not just those who pay VIP pricing.) They can play in comfort at the indoor roller-skating rink or mechanical bull and enjoy shopping among the exceptional independent art dealers in a climate-controlled space.

Feed Your Body, Your Mind, and Even Find a Moment of Peace

The automotive building’s footprint in the park separates two distinct festival environments with multiple ways to pass between them and avoid crowded bottlenecks. The main attraction on one side is the podcast stage for hot takes on live mics with Whoreible Decisions, Angela Yee’s Lip Service and others for two days of broadcasts. Nearby, a surprisingly serene sanctuary offers shaded seating along the length of the esplanade fountain’s pool. Mouthwatering food choices are around every turn and range from Texas favourite Fletcher’s Original Corny Dogs to the exotic. I urge you not to miss the taste explosion of the Nigerian-influenced Fusion Vibes Kitchen + Lounge.

Beautiful People Come TwoGether

Southern hip-hop promotes unity and raises spirits like homecooked food at an after-church picnic. The culture draws fans to this festival who are free to be themselves and fearless to show some skin under the Texas sun and into the night. They’re here to dance, cheer on their champions of contemporary southern music, and to share real experiences with each other. Founding promoter J. Carter spins off an Atlanta institution, and Dallas area music lovers respond with a love as big as Texas. Ride-or-die fans of hip-hop and R&B are more alive when we come TwoGether.