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Thirteen Bands You Need to See at… 2000trees

2000trees returns this weekend with another stacked line-up. To help, we’ve picked out 13 bands we think you need to check out…



2000trees Festival
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Started by six friends, since arriving on the festival scene in 2007, 2000trees has come a long way in seventeen years. However, while the festival has grown from strength to strength, winning well-earned awards along the way, the heart of what makes 2000 Trees such a favourite amongst fans and the media, the music, has never changed.

Where some festivals have followed whatever is fashionable, 2000 Trees has bucked that trend year after year providing punters with line-ups covering the length and breadth of the alternative music scene. 2024 is no different with a line-up which sees the likes of The Gaslight Anthem and Don Broco headline this year’s event.

Underneath the top-drawer headliners comes an undercard which features a staggering array of bands from across the alternative scene. To help out, we’ve scanned through and picked out thirteen of who we think should be on your must-see list this weekend at 2000trees.

2000trees Poster

2000trees Poster

1. The Gaslight Anthem

Over the past few months, New Jersey veterans Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen have both made their returns but on the Thursday night of 2000trees, it’s the turn of the gritty, blue-collar punk rock of fellow New Jersey boys The Gaslight Anthem to hog the limelight from the superstars where you can expect a headliner set full of heartfelt, straight-from-the-gut punk rock from Brian Fallon and Co.

2. Better Lovers

If you’re attending a festival like 2000trees, you’re more than likely to know the backstory of hardcore punks Better Lovers which is why you will know exactly where you need to be on the Thursday night. It’s a tough call though given they clash with The Gaslight Anthem however, if you like your hardcore punk to be a bit more brutal and unhinged and unpredictable, it would be almost foolish to be anywhere else on Thursday night.

3. Nate Bergman

Hailing from the hotbed of musical talent that is Washington D.C., Nate Bergman is better known as the former frontman of Lionize. Breaking out now as a solo artist in his own right with a mix of emotion, grit, country, folk and rock, Bergman’s music is as timeless as it is passionate, and at 2000trees, he is surely set to deliver one of the most unforgettable performances of the weekend.

4. Inhuman Nature

Featuring ex-members of London scumbags Hang The Bastard, Church Road Records artists Inhuman Nature are heading to 2000Trees to get your neck muscles loosened. Bastardizing old-school thrash with NWOBHM, the London mob are set to take 2000Trees down an altogether more vicious direction with their thrashy crossover. We’ll see you in the pit.

5. Every Hell

What is “doom-pop” we hear you ask? Well, if you need the answer to that question, we suggest you head over to The Cave Stage at 3 pm on Saturday when UK quartet Every Hell will smash the answer to that question right into your face. Featuring ex-members of Black Peaks and Skin Failure, expect raucous riffs and delicious pop hooks, combining to create the hellish musical mayhem that is “doom pop”.

6. Dead Pony

One of the most exciting bands on the British live circuit at the moment in our opinion is Glaswegian crew Dead Pony. The pop/metal/alternative quartet from Scotland have been blitzing venues across the UK since way before the release of their new album, Ignore This. They’ll be continuing to do so across the UK festival circuit this Summer so now is your chance to see what all the fuss is about when they arrive in Gloucester for 2000trees.

7. Kid Brunswick

If the honesty he shows in his interviews is any indication, London-based Kid Brunswick thinks himself lucky to be here. Having just dropped his powerful new single, “Out of Style”, expect a performance filled with gritty modern alt-rock, and pure, heartwrenching emotion from an artist who embraces chaos through his creativity and is ready for the next chapter in his rollercoaster life.

8. Gouge Away

Originally hailing from South Florida, the pandemic nearly saw another victim in Gouge Away. Thankfully, the alt/punks regrouped at the end of 2022 and smashed out the previously demoed material. The resulting album was their raucous yet colourful Deathwish Inc. offering Deep Sage. A band who wear their political beliefs tattooed on their hearts while being musically inspired by the distorted noise-rock of bands like Jesus Lizard and Nirvana, Gouge Away will bring with them a shit tonne of passion and noise when they arrive at 2000 Trees.

9. unpeople

Featuring ex-members of British alt-pop crew Press To Meco, unpeople are the kind of band who will simultaneously get your feet moving while melting your senses with their quirky Deftones meets Sikth-inspired madness. A band who can slot uncomfortably well on most bills, 2000 Trees is the perfect home for this group of pop hook-loving rock reprobates. They dropped their self-titled debut earlier this year. We loved it. Join us and see what the fuss is about.

10. Fangs Out

What’s not to love about Fangs Out a band who come from the home of heavy metal, the Midlands and come swingin’ out of their grotty rehearsal space full of anger, frustration and, fuck-you attitude? Well, that’s exactly what hardcore punks Fangs Out are going to bring to the 2000 Trees party this week. It’s nasty, it’s noisy, and it’ll probably annoy the shit out of the neighbours so, we’ll ask you again… what’s not to love about Fangs Out?

11. Pet Needs

Hailing from Essex, the Pet Needs rule is quite simply to live life to the max. Their music is full-throttle drunk-punk played at a hundred miles an hour. It’s frantic, scuzzy and will leave you with a bangin’ hangover the next morning but, hell, you’re at a festival, you only live once, let frontman Johnny Marriot lead you through a drunken thirty minutes of punk rock anthems. Go on, you know you’ll regret it if you miss them.

12. Kite Thief

Bristol’s Kite Thief is what you get if you mix the jarring tech-metal of Spiritbox with the in-your-face attitude of Vukovi. Their sound comes at you crunchingly heavy and with its middle finger jammed right in your face. A cathartic experience, the Bristol band are all about demolishing toxic social norms while encouraging empowerment all while having a stack of fun. If that sounds like your bag, we’ll see you at the Word Stage where you might just discover your next new favourite band.

13. blanket

Last but not least, blanket, possibly one of our favourite bands on the planet ever since we saw them crush out a Radiohead cover supporting Zeal & Ardour a few years ago. Since then, the shoegaze meets black metal meets post-hardcore Blackpool quartet have just got better and better and better and, as we think they deserve more recognition than they’re getting, we highly suggest you make a note to be at the Neu Stage on Saturday, you won’t want to miss this.

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