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The Anomalys Announce New Album ‘Down The Hole’ & Release “Despair” Single

Dutch-French garage punk unit The Anomalys will release their latest album in September and are streaming the second single, “Despair.”



The Anomalys in 2022, photo by ©franckalix
The Anomalys in 2022, photo by ©franckalix

It’s a politically charged time. So when an a-political punk band channels the overall tension of the world in an aggressive instrumentation with lyrics applicable to whatever side of the aisle you reside on, it makes for an interesting record. Not sure if that’s what The Anomalys had in mind when writing their new album, Down The Hole, but there’s an observation for them to ponder.

This high-octane Dutch-French garage punk unit will release their latest album in September on their longtime home, Slovenly Recordings, and to coincide with this announcement, the album’s second single, “Despair,” is now available for streaming.

Following up with the slow n’ muddy, hypnotic surf instrumental styling of the first single, “Anxiety,” “Despair” lies on the opposite side of the record’s tempo spectrum with breakneck speed. Outside more instrumentals on this record, nothing much has changed for The Anomalys. They’re like Slayer; they know what works for them and stick with it.

Down The Hole will be available digitally and with limited vinyl on September 6th, with pre-orders through Slovenly Recordings. Tour dates are in the works for The Anomalys, with a confirmation already in the books at this year’s Funtastic Dracula Festival in Benidorm, Spain, on October 31st alongside Redd Kross, Cosmic Psychos, Man or Astroman, and many others.

You can follow The Anomalys online through Instagram and Facebook.