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Steve Louw Premieres His New Single “Streets of Rain”

Singer-songwriter Steve Louw premieres his new single “Streets of Rain” from his upcoming ‘Between Time’ album.



Steve Louw, photo by Jacqui Van Staden
Steve Louw, photo by Jacqui Van Staden

Steve Louw is making up for lost time. Today is the reveal of his new single, ”Streets of Rain.” The South African songwriter has injected plenty of southern and country spirit into these jams. It provides an early look at his upcoming release, Between Time. This will be a rather expansive double album, due out on September 6th.

Louw closely collaborated with producer Kevin Shirley on this record, which is unsurprising considering their longtime friendship. Shirley has been Louw’s close confidant going back to his days fronting the superbly successful South African band Big Sky. The two have worked together for 38 years now, going back to the All Night Radio record The Killing Floor.

Discussing “Streets of Rain,” Louw states:

“The evocative Hammond organ playing of B3 wizard Lachy Doley and the chorused electric guitar and acoustic teases out the melancholy of ‘Streets of Rain.’ It’s a song about loss. Although our pain is personal, you are not alone. When it’s coming down on you, it feels like you’ll never get out of there, but you will.”

Shirley adds:

“Lachy is one of the greatest Hammond players in the world, right up there with Steve Winwood and Booker T. When I was finishing off ‘Streets of Rain,’ I knew his playing would be perfect. His beautiful solo captures the essence of the song.”

For much of the 2010s, we did not hear much from Louw. It wasn’t until the 2020s that he began to break back into the music industry, largely at the urging of Shirley. 2021’s Headlight Dreams was Louw’s definitive return, which Shirley helped will into existence. After a decade of no new music, Shirley told Louw that he felt it was time to return to the saddle. The album was well received, and it provided the validation he needed to push forward.

Between Time will be something of an exploration of the topic of time. Louw explores the moments that fall outside the strict constructs of time. The album was recorded live in the studio with his band with that musical chemistry showing through on each song. An expansive, 2o-song collection, this is a defining album for Louw, one that he wasn’t even sure at one point that he’d be able to pull off.

Between Time also features some big-time collaborations. There’s the aforementioned Doley, guitarist Jim Moginie, and none other than the blues master himself, Joe Bonamassa. The latter delivers an explosive country-styled solo on “Cruel Hand of Fate,” along with that trademark blues sound that has come to define Bonamassa’s superb career.

Louw is happy to be back recording records full-time. Between Time burns bright with passion, and it couldn’t be more representative of who he is as an artist and musician.

Steve Louw “Killers” bw “Streets of Rain” single artwork

Steve Louw “Killers” bw “Streets of Rain” single artwork