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Sir Daniel Winn Unveil’s His Cinematic Masterpiece “Ectropy”

Sir Daniel Winn is set to captivate audiences once again with his latest cinematic offering, “Ectropy: From Chaos to Order.”



“Ectropy” movie still
“Ectropy” movie still

Sir Daniel Winn, the esteemed artist and filmmaker, is set to captivate audiences once again with his latest cinematic offering, “Ectropy: From Chaos to Order” Directed by Jordan Schulz, written by Schulz and Andrew Creme, executive produced by Randall J. Slavin, and featuring the artistic vision of Winn, the experimental sci-fi short delves deep into philosophical and existential themes, offering a unique blend of surreal storytelling and groundbreaking visual artistry.

On Saturday, November 16, 2024, as part of an exclusive exhibition at Winn Slavin Fine Art Gallery in Beverly Hills, a select group of VIP attendees will have the unique opportunity to experience Winn’s visionary work up close during a private screening of “Ectropy.” The intimate event will also include a viewing of the accompanying painting series of the same name, offering a rare and immersive artistic experience.

“Ectropy” movie still

“Ectropy” movie still

“Ectropy” is an exploration of the universe’s explosive genesis, drawing inspiration from The Big Bang Theory. The narrative unfolds as the enigmatic “Artist,” tasked with shaping the cosmos, encounters Mother Nature in the mystical days of the universe’s infancy. Together, they embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and creativity, highlighting the interplay between creation and Creator. Winn’s philosophy of “Existential Surrealism” profoundly shapes the thematic essence of the film. Rooted in Winn’s artistic background, the approach examines life’s fundamental questions and the nature of existence itself.

“Ectropy” is the first of the series, and prequel to, the award-winning short film entitled “Creation,” which serves as the second installment. The trilogy is slated to conclude with “Entropy” expected to go into production in 2025, which will depict the inevitable decline back into chaos and complete the cycle of cosmic existence.

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