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Serena Ittoo Runs Down the Top 10 Songs that Make Her Feel Uplifted

In honour of her new single “Another World,” electronic pop artist Serena Ittoo runs down her Top 10 songs that make her feel uplifted.



Serena Ittoo on March 2024, photo by Marcus Maschwitz
Serena Ittoo on March 2024, photo by Marcus Maschwitz

It only takes one listen to realize that “Another World” is one of those career-defining tracks for Serena Ittoo. The singer-songwriter has upped her game higher than ever with this transcendent, relatable new song. With “Another World,” the Enfield, UK native has crafted a relatable track that speaks to the curiosity of viewing the world through someone else’s eyes. When we meet someone really special, we may get the desire to understand their point of view. You want to learn all about them, understand where they are coming from, and appreciate their perspective. It’s a song about connection and the inclination to create a true, meaningful connection with them.

As an artist, Ittoo is big on authenticity. Which does not come as a surprise when you discover that she is a Licensed Master NLP Practitioner and Life Coach. She does not just strive to inspire others with her music. It’s also her profession to help others try to achieve their potential. There’s a calming, uplifting quality to her music. The melodies are very worldly sounding, which makes Ittoo an artist who casts a wide appeal across nationalities and cultures. She has been recognized for her songwriting abilities by individuals such as Gary Nicholson, a Grammy Award winner and Jeff Cohen, a highly regarded songwriter.

With positivity in the air, Serena Ittoo joins us to count down her Top 10 songs that uplift her.

1. Coldplay – “Adventure of a Lifetime”

“This song never fails to uplift me. Lyrically and sonically, it sings high vibrational energy. If I had to choose a song to soundtrack my life, I’d choose this.”

2. Harry Styles – “Golden”

“You know you’ve smashed a song when you’re able to capture so much energy in it. I find it really authentic and pure to listen to. Probably one my favourite songs ever.”

3. Miley Cyrus – “Flowers”

“I love this as the lyrics and melodies are so uplifting and sing self-love, resilience and confidence. The production, however, authentically communicates the heartache and pain of Miley Cyrus, especially through those strings in the chorus (you can feel it). You never know how much someone has worked through unless you’re in their shoes. I think Miley Cyrus made a huge statement with this and only those who are aligned to her will really get it.”

4. Jon Bellion – “Holy” (demo)

“Yes, I love Justin Bieber and his release of ‘Holy.’ I know he wrote this with Jon Bellion and other writers too! I’m a huge fan of Jon Bellion’s music but still wanted to specifically choose this because I love his version/demo. I’m a Catholic Christian so this really speaks to me on a soul level. I always say love is a powerful force and Jon Bellion captures just that, soul-level love, through his voice and his own authentic soul. I love how this song has been able to communicate so much, thanks to Justin Bieber’s authenticity, journey, and heart!”

5. Justin Timberlake – “Mirrors”

“This is my favourite song of all time and always has been since 2013. It has always made me feel something whenever I would hear it. I would never particularly know why; I always saw it as a sign to let me know everything is going to be ok and I’m on the right path. Those close to me know this is ‘my song.” If they hear it, they point it straight in my direction because they know it has meaning to me. It feels holy to me, without actually having that in the lyrics or title.”

6. Angèle & Dua Lipa – “Fever”

“This reminds me of my beautiful mum Sarah (laughs). This is her favourite Dua Lipa song. My mum’s really good for hearing good music and playing it to me and my brother Ryan until we love it as much as she does.”

7. Jonas Brothers – “Sail Away”

“Another Jon Bellion collaboration! I love this song by the Jonas Brothers. It’s uplifting and fun to listen to. Everything’s so well thought out. It makes me happy! Have you noticed again it speaks of spiritual love?”

8. Ne-Yo – “Miss Independent”

“I chose this because it reminds me of my childhood, particularly my primary school days. I always say childhood innocence is everything so I love listening to songs that make me feel nostalgic. It makes me happy.”

9. Athena Cage – “All or Nothing”

“When I was about four, my mum created a story tape through music for me. She would cut and edit selections of different parts of songs so the lyrics described my personality/messages that she wishes to say to me. This song is the last song on my tape… and I feel the message speaks for itself.”

10. Michael Jackson – “Off the Wall”

“Well I could have done a Top 10 (or 100) with just Michael Jackson songs; however if I had to choose one which uplifts me… it’s this! Lyrically, vocally, and sonically, it’s just a great amount of high vibrational energy for whenever you need it. Perfect song to end my Top 10.”

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