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Ryan Wright Lists the Top 10 Signs You’re Entering a Quarter Life Crisis

In the spirit of her single “Quarter Life Crisis,” Ryan Wright sounds off the Top 10 signs you’re entering a quarter-life crisis.



Ryan Wright, photo by Meredithe Ettrich
Ryan Wright, photo by Meredithe Ettrich

What was once referred to as the midlife crisis has become the quarter-life crisis, and Ryan Wright has a few thoughts on the issue with her latest single. The Virginia-based artist wrote this song for all the young people who feel like they are entering unchartered waters. “Quarter Life Crisis” is for the 20s and 30-somethings trying to enter into adulthood smoothly. There’s a fear that comes with this transition and the insecurity of becoming increasingly disconnected from your youth. It’s an anthem for the trials and tribulations that come with aging.

This song is featured on the Virginia-based Wright’s new EP, I Was Happy, released via Handwritten Records. Much like “Quarter Life Crisis,” the songs on the EP strike a pessimistic tone, which is not exactly surprising given the current state of the world. The lyrics are centred around feeling conflicted about wanting what’s best but also flirting with disaster at the same time. You don’t want drama in your life, but you can’t help but crave it in some respects. These are feelings that don’t make sense, but they don’t really have to make sense, either. Wright really shines as a songwriter, able to conjure up all sorts of different emotions. Her words can be profane, sarcastic, or even devastating. They all come from a very genuine place, though.

To commemorate the release and success of “Quarter Life Crisis,” Wright joins us today to share her Top 10 signs that you are venturing into a quarter-life crisis of your own.

1. “You’re being impulsive. Impulsivity isn’t just secluded to those having a midlife crisis. Although the difference is the impulsivity for a quarter-life crisis is more subtle. Dyeing your hair… pink probably. Maybe you got bangs and you hate them. Tattoos. Tattoos are very common in a quarter-life crisis. I pierced my nose the other day. Have I always wanted to pierce my nose? Nope. Still did it though.”

2. “Regretting and overthinking your life choices. Seems like everything you’ve done in your life that set you up for success has set you up for failure. Maybe you feel like you’re falling behind. It’s probably keeping you up at night. That’s a quarter-life crisis, my friend.”

3. “Wanting to go out but it never lives up to your expectations. You’re seeking cheap thrills like you did in high school, but now that it’s legal because I’m assuming you’re over 21, it doesn’t hit the way you want it to. And let me tell you, being drunk and bored is the worst. You also can’t hold your drink anymore by the way so maybe cool it on the vodka crans.”

4. “You know you’re having a quarter-life crisis when being in bed by 9 o’clock on a Saturday night sounds like heaven compared to going to the bars. In fact, spending all your time in bed is bliss. So is ignorance babe!”

5. “Your vices don’t work anymore. They’re boring and useless. Best of luck to you in trying to find something that fills the void!”

Ryan Wright ‘Quarter Life Crisis’ album artwork

Ryan Wright ‘Quarter Life Crisis’ album artwork

6. “Hey remember when your hangovers were barely even hangovers? Guess what. They suck now. Your morning afters are going to be miserable and you may need to clear your schedule so you can heal because it’s going to be rough.”

7. “What a time it was to enjoy a little Mary Jane here and there and to actually enjoy it because now, you’re totally paranoid after a toke session. Smoking with your friends is a fine line between a good time and a panic attack. That smell is also nauseating.”

8. “Have you walked by a group of middle schoolers or high schoolers lately? Be afraid. They think you’re weird and old. You graduated high school five years ago? So what. They think you’re ancient. Stay away from Target. And nothing hurts the soul more than a teenager laughing at you for simply just existing.”

9. “Oh look. You have to pay your taxes. Do you know how to do that? Probably not. Have fun figuring it out because that’s the rest of your life baby.”

10. “You’re listening to my song. Do the lyrics really affect you? Guess what that means.”

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