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Album Review

ROBY – ‘through the mud’ [Album Review]

Simultaneously minimalist and maximalist, ROBY’s album ‘through the mud’ is dynamically atmospheric and remarkably coherent.



ROBY ‘through the mud’ album artwork
ROBY ‘through the mud’ album artwork

Singer and producer ROBY releases his debut album, through the mud, an eight-track collection of carefully crafted dance music that approaches emo-house.

Initially known more for his future garage productions, ROBY made his live debut last year at Tabula Rasa’s electric Here & Now release party in NYC, performing vocal anthems such as “Leave Me Behind” and “Plasma Glass.”

ROBY’s sound, at once atmospheric and granular, showcases the delicious dissolving phases of Reese Bass atop tight, potent percussion.

In 2013, he began playing around with loops, which caused him to take off in a new direction, followed by joining The Tabula Rasa Record Company.

From a purely subjective perspective, entry points on through the mud include “kaleidoscopes,” opening on gentle, sparkling tones juxtaposed against a fat, rumbling bottom line. ROBY’s dreamy vocals imbue the lyrics with trancelike surfaces.

same page,” with Kelbin, travels on a pushing rhythm of crisp, chicking percussion, giving the cadence a skintight feel. Burbling synths ride overhead, infusing the melody with a luscious rolling motion.

ROBY, photo courtesy of ROBY

ROBY, photo courtesy of ROBY

A personal favorite because of its hints of drum and bass rhythm, the title track allows ROBY to parade his evocative, high tenor. There’s an alluring dimension to the click-clacking intensity of the rapidly pulsating rhythmic pattern. For some reason, ROBY’s vocals summon up inklings of Christopher Cross.

don’t mind,” with JUKO, finishes the album with a luscious blend of dance music over a propelling trap-like rhythm. To be sure, shades of trap seep through the album, giving it a subtle muscularity.

Simultaneously minimalist and maximalist, ROBY’s through the mud is dynamically atmospheric and remarkably coherent.

through the mud Track Listing:

1. kaleidoscopes
2. mayday
3. same page
4. tell me a story
5. pick up
6. through the mud
7. fantasize
8. don’t mind

Run Time: 22:58
Release Date: July 5, 2024
Record Label: The Tabula Rasa Record Company