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mxmtoon Delivers a Heartfelt Headliner at the Old National Centre [Photos]

mxmtoon graced the Deluxe room at the Old National Centre in Indianapolis with her first headliner on “The Maybe Man Tour.”



mxmtoon on July 2, 2024, photo by Aubry Miller
mxmtoon on July 2, 2024, photo by Aubry Miller

mxmtoon graced the Deluxe room at the Old National Centre in Indianapolis with her first headliner set supporting AJR on their “The Maybe Man Tour.”

Maia, professionally known as mxmtoon, had a striking entrance, kicking off the set with “fever dream.” The bedroom pop star was ready to sing and dance the night away, dressed in a comfortable black two-piece outfit, tennis shoes, and cute black ribbons that swayed in her hair as she moved around the stage.

Maia’s confident vocals and warm, upbeat stage presence are some of the first things you might notice when attending one of her shows. She is down to earth with her fans and is always interacting with the crowd in between songs. One could add stand-up comedy to her set, as Maia frequently makes jokes throughout the night, keeping the audience engaged and laughing. Additionally, she is up close and personable, even briefly holding hands with fans while singing and kindly obliging when some fans in the front row ask for a quick group selfie.

The artist’s headlining setlist featured hits that spanned her extensive music career. During the concert, the singer-songwriter mentioned she has been pursuing music for seven years. From performing the 2019 relatable and viral hit “prom dress” to singles from her 2022 indie-pop album rising, addressing the struggles of growing up, her music development and growth are evident. Maia’s honest and transparent commentary describing moments in her life that inspired her songs, along with recent songwriting updates brings you along her journey from when she was writing bedroom pop songs in her childhood home to her rise to stardom.

In terms of newer music, Maia sang her unreleased and first country single “i hate texas” while teasing a cheering crowd about her dislike of Texas. Following this act, she brought out her ukelele for the reflective post-breakup song, ok on your own.

Although many of Maia’s songs have somber themes on the growing pains of adolescence, feeling alone, and navigating heartbreak, she still brings a jovial spirit between songs. Casual mentions of video games like Minecraft and Fortnite were plentiful, to the crowd’s delight. When one fan asked Maia if she wanted to see a picture of her cat, she replied, “Is the sky blue?” with a big grin. Fans who grew up chronically online would be all too familiar with these amusing outbursts.

A concert highlight came with the singer’s tender and heartfelt rendition of “almost home.” The audience, their phone flashlights casting a soft, candle-like glow, swayed gently to the melody like reeds in a breeze. The room, brimming with fans, resonated with Maia’s angelic voice as she delivered her poignant and nostalgic lyrics.

As the concert drew to a close, Maia energized the crowd with her lively performances of “dance (end of the world)” and “coming of age.” The atmosphere transformed into a vibrant summer dance party, with Maia bouncing to the beat and throwing in the occasional fist pump. The crowd, inspired by the relaxed and inviting ambiance, danced with abandon, creating an unforgettable, carefree moment.

Maia closed the night with the easygoing “mona lisa,” leaving the crowd fully captivated by her final song. The end of a concert is always bittersweet, but Maia’s concert finale was like saying goodbye to a dear friend. The moments and memories made that night will remain with fans forever, leaving an indelible mark on Maia’s musical journey.