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MACEDO Share “Optimistic” Single & Music Video

Macedo returns, using their natural sibling connection and otherworldly creative bond to create a fun new single, “Optimistic.”



Macedo, photo by Shannon West
Macedo, photo by Shannon West

The BIPOC and LGBTQ songwriting duo Macedo, composed of twin sisters Melissa and Michelle Macedo — return using their natural sibling connection and otherworldly creative bond to create a fun new single, “Optimistic,” equally steeped in ’80s pop and synth-wave mystique.

For the Macedo sisters, music started at the beginning. Michelle and Melissa Macedo developed an unbreakable bond and a shared passion for music from an early age. Sisterhood and their early exposure to various genres shaped their artistic identities and set them on their musical journey. Their singles “Can’t Imagine” and “Stronger Now” both garnered national radio play. “Block of Ice”, and now, “Optimistic” come as an evolutionary pair. Produced by newcomer Jules Duke, the records are steeped in fun and pomp.

Beyond their musical career, the Macedo sisters continue on with a prevalent acting career, as well. They were most recently cast in Aitch Alberto’s film adaptation of Benjamin Alire Sáenz’s queer coming-of-age novel Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe (now on Hulu), where they play the protagonists’ older sisters. Ironically, their single “Optimistic” accompanies the film’s sentiment fittingly with its shared themes of self-realization and bravery. In this context, the statement is more than uplifting–it’s groundbreaking. To be optimistic and queer is revolutionary. You can also catch them in Netflix’s Girlboss series and the film Blood Heist with James Franco.

Macedo’s newest single, “Optimistic,” takes on a modern spin of 80s synth-pop that garners instant earworm status. After all, sisters just want to have fun. The simple yet effective lyrics impress feelings of hope and positivity. “I don’t have to be afraid of anything in this life,” sings Macedo.“‘Optimistic’ is about making the most out of the one life we’ve got to live!”

Macedo “Block of Ice” single artwork

Macedo “Block of Ice” single artwork

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