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“Hymn to The Nightside Queen” [Poem]

Unveil the Nightside Goddess, where ancient ruins and moonlit mysteries awaken a realm of phantoms and forgotten denizens.



A dark, misty forest with barren trees, illuminated by an ethereal moonlight, hosting a powerful, ethereal goddess surrounded by flickering candles and mystical artifacts
"Nightside queen" by Lance Marwood

Following the eerie allure of “Haunted Smoke,” Michael Wilson delves deeper into the macabre with this new poem, where moonlit ruins and ancient phantoms converge. “Hymn to The Nightside Queen” invites you to explore a mystical realm, echoing the haunting themes of the recent horror short story “Haunted Smoke.” Prepare to be entranced and unsettled as you witness the Nightside Goddess and her ominous denizens.

“Hymn to The Nightside Queen”

Moonlight shimmers luciferously,
daylight bedded upon its tide.

Night time beasts, all winged and webbed,
now set upon occult nightside.

Ancient, unhallowed, ruined stone
plays host therin to vile, vicious denizens.

Therein lie the aeons-gone,
the long-lost tended by no one.

Beset by horrid phantoms
and time-tested signs.

Behold the Goddess’ omens,
horrid to behold.

The suffering and sultry-sung,
hence now sent inseperable.

Sent, alas, to guide the times
which ravage and commit to ruin
torrid tyrant sunlight’s rise.

Held thence and forever,
with sunlight blocked-and-gone
nightside had at once become

A place for all the nightmare-drawn,
the Hell-sent, and the once-begone.

Behold the Nightside Goddess,
power of The Void,
moonlight to her holy, sacred.

Witch-lit shall her altars be,
by her children eternally.

A desolate landscape featuring ominous, ghostly phantoms and occult symbols carved into stone, with an altar lit by candles and moonlight

“A desolate landscape” by Lance Marwood

Michael Wilson is a horror writer focusing on short and flash fiction. He is currently completing a BA dual degree in Philosophy & English. He is also a hobbyist musician and painter.