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George Alley Shares “Fake Sick” Single & Video

George Alley drops a single from his debut album & announces pride event screening as an official LGBTQIA+ artist at Groundfloor Studios.



George Alley, photo by Alvaro Masa
George Alley, photo by Alvaro Masa

George Alley’s self-titled debut album news follows his announcement of a screening of the concert footage of his band on June 27th at 6:30 pm as the official LGBTQIA+ artist at Groundfloor Studios for Pride Month. This will also be a sneak preview of promotional videos for four of the singles from the upcoming album, “Fake Sick!,” “Wishlist,” “Summer Trophies,” and “King in Town.” A planned string of live shows and DJ sets will follow in September.

These grand post-punk pop new songs reaffirm Alley’s description of the follow-up to his more sombre ballad “Just Leave Me Dreaming” as “a power record” Upon announcing the album, he explained, “I was born being obsessed with all kinds of music from the Punk songs I write about as a journalist and professor, to the pop songs I grew up listening to while auditioning for the New Mickey Mouse Club, to the dance music I have been hearing in clubs from New York to Berlin. This is the album I’ve always wanted to make.”

Talking about his music, George Alley says, “Oscar Wilde said, ‘To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.’ I also always wanted to write a song with a ‘plagal ’ which doesn’t rely on the normal chord progressions in a key. One of the most famous examples of this is “Hey ” by Jimi Hendrix.”

George Alley is a Philadelphia-based multimedia artist whose music has been the center of his work as a composer, performer, professor, journalist, podcaster, choreographer, and curator. First forming a band in high school with Frank Musarra of Hearts of Darknesses, who he continues to collaborate with on this upcoming album, Alley has been releasing singles, performing, and using his original music for performance and dance pieces as part of his company Alley Ink. Performance has informed his work either in his music video collaborations with Adam Peditto or as a curator for five years of the Philadelphia multimedia arts festival Collage.

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