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Frank Martin Busch & the Names Release “Campground”



Frank Martin Busch

Frank Martin Busch & the Names bring a unique blend of country and alt-twang to the world of music. With four years of touring and a wealth of original songs, their sound is both authentic and refreshing. The music captures the essence of small-town dreams and restless spirits.

Their latest release, “Campground,” highlights the band’s knack for storytelling. Inspired by a memorable gig at a beloved campground, Frank and his bassist penned the lyrics on their journey home, capturing the deep affection people have for their camping experiences. The song reflects the enduring joy of camping, celebrating its impact throughout different stages of life.

“I got in the van on the way home and said “these motherf*ckers need a song about how much they love this place.”

With their tight-knit lineup of drums, bass, guitar, and fiddle, the group crafts songs that resonate deeply with listeners. This year, they’re committed to releasing a new song each month, showcasing their creativity and dedication. Get ready to be transported by the heartfelt sounds of “Campground” and let Frank Martin Busch & the Names take you on a memorable journey.

Frank Martin Busch

Frank Martin Busch