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Bitter Calm Premiere Intriguing Single “Sinner” and Announced ‘Eternity in the Lake of Fire’

Birmingham’s Bitter Calm premiere their new single “Sinner” and have announced their forthcoming new album ‘Eternity in the Lake of Fire.’



Bitter Calm, photo by Moe Fiish
Bitter Calm, photo by Moe Fiish

Some songs are more basic than others, but Bitter Calm has chosen a different approach with their new single “Sinner.” To say the least, there is a lot of food for thought in this pensive new song. The song marks a departure for the alternative rockers, a deeper dive into more introspective and socially conscious themes. The song is inspired by a popular essay that has circulated online titled Marx on Capital as a Real God. Corporations, particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic, have become a part of our lives. We rely on them more than we even realize, and they profoundly affect us.

Bitter Calm considers the notion that corporations are more than just collective endeavours. They are their entities with a mind of their own, who dictate societal norms and behaviours. In dictating these norms, humans have become subjects of submission, barely able to put up a fight against these overwhelming forces.

Discussing “Sinner,” lead singer Michael Harp states:

“I think one of our fundamental human characteristics is the ability to extract beauty from pain. Every second we’re alive, we’re performing the subconscious calculus of weighing our pain and beauty at a silent market with all other living things. Who decides the price? If I can’t get what I want, is it the getting or the wanting that’s at fault? ‘Sinner’ is about these imbalances of power, imbalances of desire, and the pain and the beauty of seeing clearly your position in the hierarchies that encompass you.”

The premiere of “Sinner” is accompanied by some very special news today. Bitter Calm are pleased to announce that their upcoming sophomore album, Eternity in the Lake of Fire, will be released on September 6th via Earth Libraries. The Birmingham, Alabama, quartet has been hard at work on this follow-up for some time now. “Sinner” is the perfect lead track, as it outlines the thematic direction that this album will head in. The record will put forth a cohesive journey through the band’s ever-evolving sound and introspective lyrics. They want to use their music as a platform to make meaningful statements and put forth provocative ideas. They succeed at both as Bitter Calm is well on their way to becoming one of the indie scene’s most compelling acts.

Bitter Calm “Sinner” single artwork

Bitter Calm “Sinner” single artwork