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Alex Henry Foster Teases ‘A Measure Of Shape And Sounds’ with “Alchemical Connection” Single

Alex Henry Foster announces his newest LP, ‘A Measure Of Shape And Sounds,’ alongside the first single, “Alchemical Connection.”



Alex Henry Foster, photo by Stephanie Bujold
Alex Henry Foster, photo by Stephanie Bujold

Last month, Alex Henry Foster and Momoka shared their LP, Kimiyo, to much acclaim. Foster’s unique blend of introspective lyricism and captivating melodies quickly secured Kimiyo top positions on multiple US and Canadian Billboard charts, including the #1 spot on the Canadian Alternative Albums chart and #2 spots on Canadian Top Current Albums, Top Canadian Album Sales and Billboard Canadian Albums charts.

Now, Alex Henry Foster announces his newest LP, A Measure Of Shape And Sounds, alongside the first single, “Alchemical Connection.” What would eventually become the second chapter of Voyage à la Mer, A Measure of Shape and Sounds, is an intimate journey of its own, representing a profound personal breathe-in, made of several layers of guitar loops, reverberations, resonances, and oscillations juxtaposed together to create a sonic multi-directional contemplative maelstrom. Purposely recorded live to capture as direct a flow as possible, the songs embody that exact moment, carrying their human disposition to abandon oneself to the motion and become one with it.

Foster explains, “‘Alchemical Connection’ is the contemplative portrait of a blooming dawn I had the mesmerizing privilege of witnessing in the dead cold of winter, through the Virginian mountain horizon where I live,” Alex Henry Foster says. “I was fascinated by the slow awakening of colors growing into one another, evolving into a stream, and redefining impermanent beauties.” Foster continues, “It reminded me of the bright shining lights dancing over the ocean of crystal pieces covering the awakening morning in the middle of the desert, where silence murmurs about inner peace and where wind carries the nature of what it feels like to be truly alive. This song evokes those profound sensations.”

Foster mentioned that, “It felt like the representation of an organic movement that could ultimately break us free from the echo chamber we might have been trapped in and therefore end the emotional twirl and affective cycle of redundancy that too often comes with our emptiness and desperation…”

A Measure of Shape and Sounds Track Listing:

1. Thoughtful Descent
2. Mechanical Revision
3. A Mind’s Tapestry
4. Cinematic Insight
5. Self-Portrait
6. Sorrowful Bouquet
7. Manic View
8. A Gesture, A Present
9. Alchemical Connection

Alex Henry Foster ‘A Measure of Shape and Sounds’ album artwork

Alex Henry Foster ‘A Measure of Shape and Sounds’ album artwork

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