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Wine & Warpaint Release Highly Anticipated Debut LP ‘Disassociate’

Vibrant alt-rock group Wine & Warpaint proudly announces the release of their highly anticipated debut full-length album, ‘Disassociate.’



Wine & Warpaint in 2022
Wine & Warpaint in 2022

The vibrant and emotive alt-rock ensemble Wine & Warpaint proudly announces the release of their highly anticipated debut full-length album, Disassociate, which premiered exclusively on Live In Limbo and is now available on all major streaming platforms today.

Disassociate is an ambitious 12-track journey that captures the essence of the band’s sonic evolution. It combines big hooks, punk edge, and a wall of sound energy, honed over three EPs and a cover album. The album was produced by Brandon O’Neill and mixed by Taylor Bess alongside Will Beasley, known for his work with The Dangerous Summer, Turnstile, and Asking Alexandria.

Brandon O’Neill, reflecting on the album, shared:

“The album feels like a timely piece of work in the current cultural landscape. I think culture is designed to disassociate us from ourselves…to distract us with floods of content, trends, addictive social media apps, outrage, and echo chambers. The album explores that whole process, both in ways we disassociate, ways we fight it, and a vision for how to reconnect with ourselves and the world around us”

The album opens with the aggressive “The View’s So Good With Your Head in the Ground,” setting a tone of confrontation and contemplation. Tracks like “Bad Nihilist” and “Bring Me Back” showcase their ability to blend straight-up rock energy with modern emo stylings. At the same time, the orchestral finisher “Synchrony” confirms their penchant for dramatic genre-bending conclusions.

Wine & Warpaint gained recognition in 2021 as winners of the Player Plus Studio Sessions: Powered by Fender, where they were selected as one of the 26 best-unsigned bands in the world by a celebrity panel of music legends and executives. This accolade provided them with valuable studio time and mentoring, which significantly contributed to the creation of Disassociate.

Wine & Warpaint ‘Disassociate’ album artwork

Wine & Warpaint ‘Disassociate’ album artwork

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