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Vallory Falls Unleashes Two Singles Off Upcoming LP ‘To Save You’

Get a peek of Vallory Falls’ upcoming album with their double-single preview of “As Above, So Below” and “To Save You.”



Vallory Falls, photo by Brian LaClair
Vallory Falls, photo by Brian LaClair

Vallory Falls is back with a rabid double-single preview of their upcoming album, To Save You. “As Above, So Below” and the title track “To Save You” continue the spooky imagery of the band’s previous single, “Want Me Dead,” with mentions of graveyards and Salem. With a combined runtime of just over six minutes, both tracks are candid, no-frills punk bangers.

Yet, the songs diverge in their tone. While “As Above, So Below” tells a charming tale of love that feels like home, “To Save You” cautions against people-pleasing.

Gilliss explains the inspiration for the track’s title:

“I had seen the phrase ‘As Above, So Below’ a few times and it caught my eye. The idea resonated with me; a sort of dichotomy between life and death, give and take, and harmony that brought on a strong feeling of ‘carpe diem.’ That’s what I wanted to get across in the song; loving like it’s your last day, feeling no worries, taking advantage of what you have while you have it and not feeling afraid. If there is something like an afterlife or some other dimension, you should always strive to be the fullest version of yourself possible.”

“Let’s take my car and go see Barbie / Gaze at the stars / I hardly worry,” vocalist Tristan Gilliss sings about a cozy date night on “As Above, So Below.” “The radio is warning of the future / I won’t feel unsure / As long as it’s with her.” It’s an end-of-the-world love song where nothing else matters but the feeling of infatuation.

With tight power chords and distorted harmonics, the songs nod to pop punk legends like Green Day & blink-182. “As Above, So Below” is one of very few Vallory Falls songs without lead guitar. Instead, bassist Dan Lecours dances around the fretboard and layered backing vocals from the band fill in the space.

Vallory Falls “Want Me Dead” single artwork

Vallory Falls “Want Me Dead” single artwork

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