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Boston’s Tiny Habits Talk Celebrity Fans, Intimate Gigs and Online Covers

Rising Boston folk-pop trio Tiny Habits talk to us about celebrity fans, their debut album and online covers.



Tiny Habits
Tiny Habits, photo by Sam Williams

Boston three-piece Tiny Habits recently hit the UK for a short UK headline tour. The rising folk-pop group is no newcomer to the UK, though, having toured here supporting superstar songwriter Noah Kahan.

Arriving in the UK to promote their stunning debut album, All For Something, people are steadily sitting up and taking notice of the Boston group. Having picked up numerous high-profile fans over the past few months, things are looking bright for Tiny Habits, whose initial break started during COVID with a series of online covers.

Ahead of the UK tour, V13 sat down with the group for a quick chat about their covers, the difference between playing arenas and more intimate gigs and what it feels like to have superstars like Elton John following your career.

Great to talk to you, you’re coming back to the UK in a few weeks. What are you looking forward to most about the tour?

Cinya Khan: “We’re so stoked to return to the UK! I think we’re mostly excited and curious to play these headline shows and see what our fan base looks like overseas. It’s going to be bizarre every night seeing people show up for us. This whole thing still feels like a dream!”

Tiny Habits toured the UK with Noah Kahan last year; what did you learn from that experience?

Maya Rae: “We learned so much. It was our first time touring the UK & meeting all of Noah’s fans was nothing short of spectacular. It was definitely a different demographic from some of the audiences we’ve played to before, and so learning how to navigate those new audiences was definitely a learning experience for sure.”

Any good stories you want to share with us?

Judah Mayowa: “Last time we were in Europe, we went to this karaoke bar and sang “Rolling In The Deep” by Adele, and it was one of the most embarrassing but most memorable experiences of the whole tour.”

You’ll be playing some intimate venues on your UK tour in May, how different will the Tiny Habits live experience be for fans to those who saw you supporting Noah?

Cinya: “This headline show is completely different from our support slot with Noah! We have a full band and a generally more orchestrated show. We had an incredible music director help us create this show. We think it’s gonna be more upbeat and exciting than people expect from us, definitely expect a full Habs experience.”

You’ll be coming to the UK off the back of your excellent and very personal new single, “Wishes.” is that a good indication of what fans can expect from the album?

Maya: “The single “Wishes” is most definitely a good indication of what to expect on our album. This whole record is very vulnerable and personal to us, and “Wishes” just highlights our vulnerability as writers. There’s also a bunch of upbeat, more fun songs on there, too, though…a little something for everyone!”

The single, theme-wise, covers some quite personal topics. Could you tell us about some of the other themes inspiring the songs on the album?

Cinya: “There are a lot of songs on the album about getting hurt and having to pick yourself up again. We grew a lot through writing and making this record, and we questioned ourselves more than ever before. We answered our own questions about life just by going through it. Hope is a theme of this record for sure.”

Lyrically, when you write about things like family, body image, and anxiety, how does it help you?

Cinya: “It can be really scary because saying things out loud makes them real. But also, you get to take a bit of power back from things that hurt when you sing them with people you love and realize how universal every experience is. From writing to recording to performing, it’s so cathartic.”

On the other side of that, what do you hope Tiny Habits fans take from listening to those songs?

Judah: “I truly hope that people feel seen by our stories. We’re all human beings who deal with hardships, pain and love. It’s such a meditative experience for us to write and sing these songs for people.”

Speaking of fans, you have some pretty big fans in the likes of Elton John and Phoebe Bridgers, how does that feel?

Maya: “It’s pretty surreal knowing that icons such as Elton & Phoebe know that we exist! It’s just incredibly validating and honestly very exciting.”

Are those artists who inspire you, and if so, what aspects of those artists do you want to bring into your work?

Judah: “Being able to work and tour with some of these amazing artists has helped us develop our own goals and aspirations. I hope that we can be as hardworking, decisive, and passionate about every aspect of our artistry.”

You gained recognition in the early days for the covers you posted online, any plans for any new covers or are there any songs out now that you think you’d like to cover?

Judah: “Honestly, not at the moment. We love arranging covers. It’s obviously how we’ve gotten to do all of these amazing things and meet all of these wonderful people, but as of right now, we’ve just been honing in on our original music and developing OUR sound. We’ll always love making covers, and once we have time lol we’ll get back to arranging them.”

The album is out; once the tour is out of the way, how does the rest of 2024 play out for Tiny Habits?

Cinya: “We’re keeping pretty busy! We’re playing a few festivals this summer and touring with Vance Joy and Lake Street Dive in the fall. It’s all so exciting! We have to keep some secrets but there is a lot more to be announced.”

Thanks for your time, over to you to wrap this up…

“Thanks for having us. So fun answering your questions.”

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Tiny Habits ‘All For Something’ Album Artwork

Tiny Habits ‘All For Something’ Album Artwork

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