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Track-by-Track: Sunday Morning Size Up Their Latest EP ‘Forget Me Nots’

Connecticut melodic hardcore band Sunday Morning join us for a track-by-track rundown of their Open Your Ears Records EP ‘Forget Me Nots.’



Sunday Morning, photo by Abby Clare
Sunday Morning, photo by Abby Clare

It hasn’t exactly been an ideal era to start a band and garner success, but Sunday Morning has found a way. The New Haven, Connecticut quintet is set to release their new EP Forget Me Nots tomorrow via Open Your Ears Records. Their fast-paced, hardcore-infused sound is both intense and designed for crowd-pleasing. They write songs for a simple reason: to create a connection with their fanbase. They record with an ear toward what they think their fans would want to hear. It’s a recipe that resonates with their listeners. Their live shows are designed to please those in attendance, with the crowd almost acting like the sixth member. They often remind themselves that they are living the dream, playing music they love that also enables them to spend time with their best friends.

Sunday Morning released their debut EP, Nothing Matters, in 2020. It was a very worthwhile introduction, but the band was limited in their ability to promote it given the times in which it was released. They first formed in 2018 and have opened for artists such as Microwave, Boston Manor, Can’t Swim, and The Plot in You.

Today, we are joined by Sunday Morning for an exclusive Track-by-Track rundown of their new record, Forget Me Nots.

1. “Weight”

“‘Weight’ is about moving on from things in your life while still having difficulties figuring out where you want to go. We wanted to write something fast and energetic to start off the EP, once we came up with the opening riff we knew this was it.”

2. “Broken Glass”

“‘Broken Glass’ was the second to last song written for the EP. We knew we wanted a song with a heavier side that still had a sing-along chorus. The bridge was the first part of the song we had written, then we built around it.”

Sunday Morning ‘Forget Me Nots’ EP album artwork

Sunday Morning ‘Forget Me Nots’ EP album artwork

3. “Agonize”

“‘Agonize’ was one of the first songs we had written for the EP. It was written about having so many things to say, but not having anyone to listen or care to listen. We used a theremin to make all of the weird noises during the bridge. It was called ‘Uma Theremin.’”

4. “Forget Me Nots”

“The title track of the EP. This song really started the whole idea of the EP. It focuses on the idea that you can meet people in life who will make a significant impact on you, but can just as easily leave and have no communication. Be it friends, family, or loved ones.”

5. “Mon Calamari”

“‘Mon Calamari’ is written about someone unexpectedly coming into your life and becoming infatuated with them. Relating to ‘Forget Me Nots,’ just as quickly as people can leave your life, others can join it. The title of the song is a reference to a species in Star Wars and the fact that we ate a bunch of shrimp during the recording process of the EP…”

6. “Cordially”

“This song tackles the ideas of mental health and substance abuse and how it can be passed down through generations in families. I have lost several members in my family to substance abuse. The line ‘I wish you were here for me” comes as a result of people being absent due to their sickness. It also can be interpreted through people struggling with substance abuse problems needing help, but having difficulties asking for it.”

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