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Spirit and the Cosmic Heart Release New Singles



Spirit and the Cosmic Heart; photo by Pierre DuCharme
Spirit and the Cosmic Heart; photo by Pierre DuCharme

Spirit and the Cosmic Heart have released two captivating new singles, “Pyramids” and “Anosognosia,” marking a poignant return for the Lakeland, FL-based band.

The group began their musical journey in 2018, drawing from the nostalgic sounds of various dreampop genres. Inspired by bands like The Cure and Jesus and the Mary Chain, their early releases featured vintage analog synths, reverb, and chorus effects—and all the feels to go with it.

After facing numerous challenges in creating a full-length album, a new chapter unfolded when the band’s lead helped open a new recording studio in the Lakeland area. This venture sparked a renewed creative drive, leading to the release of their two new singles.

“It felt more like investing in musical therapy than business” – Joshua Miller, Spirit and the Cosmic Heart

“Anosognosia” is a poignant reflection on the experience of caring for loved ones with cognitive decline, capturing the fleeting moments when they seem to return to their former selves. “Pyramids”, with its drum machine and synths, evokes the spirit of early Beach House records and explores these same themes in a more abstract manner.

With a group lifelong friends forming the core of the band, Spirit and the Cosmic Heart continues to create music that resonates deeply with both their personal experiences and their audience. The album artwork, featuring a photo of the lead’s mother, adds a personal touch to their heartfelt narrative.

Listen to the new singles “Pyramids” and “Anosognosia”—now available everywhere.

“Pyramids” and “Anosognosia” by Spirit and the Cosmic Heart