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Soen Brings Their “Memorial Tour” to Vancouver’s Rickshaw Theatre [Photos]

Progressive metallers Soen and Trope brought their “Memorial Tour” to Vancouver at The Rickshaw Theatre for a thoroughly enjoyable evening.



Soen on June 5, 2024, photo by Randy Romero
Soen on June 5, 2024, photo by Randy Romero

Swedish progressive metal band Soen made a stop on their “Memorial Tour” in Vancouver, BC, at The Rickshaw Theatre on June 5th.

The band started the second leg of their tour last month in Orlando, FL, and has been performing in several other U.S. cities, one stop in Mexico and the other in Vancouver, which was the only Canadian stop of the tour.

Their running mate for this tour was the alternative rock band Trope, which put on a great show. They started their set with “Lambs,” the first single of their album Eleutheromania. They continued to play seven songs, all from the same album, ending their set with “Pareidolia.”

Trope vocalist Diana Studenberg’s presence on stage was impressive. She was moving and dancing to their songs and even mentioned that the show felt like a homecoming because they lived in Vancouver a long time ago.

After spending the first leg of the tour in Europe, on the tenth concert of the North American leg, Soen made it to the stage in Vancouver. The members hit the stage one by one: Martín López (drums), OleksiiZlatoyarKobel (bass), Lars Åhlund (keyboards, guitars, backing vocals), Cody Lee Ford (guitars, backing vocals), and last but not least lead singer Joel Ekelöf.

Their opening song was “Sincere,” from their latest album, Memorial. During their set, they had mini sets in which they all left the stage and returned after no more than a minute, not before a solo intro from one of the members.

The dynamic of the group on stage was fantastic. They sounded very sharp, and the fans were engaged with the performance.

The last mini-set started with Monarch after a solo drum intro, followed by Illusion, Modesty and Lotus. After that, they left the stage, but the crowd needed more from them.

Returning for an encore, they opened with “Snuff,” a surprise piece from Slipknot. But that was not it; they performed “Antagonist” and closed with “Violence.”

The concert was enjoyable, and the fans left the venue satisfied after a great performance from the band. The way they divided their set into small ones made the performance more interesting and highlighted the abilities of each member.