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pher, Counts Down His Top 10 Rules to Live by As an Artist

Alternative hip-hop star pher, joins us today for a Top 10 list in which he counts down his top ten rules to live by as an artist.



pher, photo by LPR Agency
pher, photo by LPR Agency

As an artist, pher, (yes, with a comma) is not just rapping for rap’s sake. A London native, he originally discovered his gift with words via poetry. His talents as a poet helped him develop his skills in freestyling and spoken word. Much of pher,’s interest in hip-hop stems from his mother’s background as a DJ in 1980s funk and new jack swing. pher, fashions himself as more than just a rapper, but as an artist, with a talent for wordsmanship and wordplay. You can hear it in his recent single “moon,” a smooth and sombre track depicting his early insights into the music industry.

As a hip-hop artist, pher, has always maintained higher-level goals. His concern isn’t partying and girls. But rather, his songs tend to lean more on the introspective side of things. His tracks tend to showcase very specific and candid messaging that he wants listeners to consider. This has been a breakthrough year for pher, with his streams exceeding over 100,000 and various music magazines like The Source and GUAP Magazine taking notice of him.

The music industry can be a tricky environment to navigate for any artist. Today, pher, joins us today for a Top 10 list in which he outlines ten nuggets of knowledge he’s picked up over the years.

1. To Be My Biggest Fan

“I think you really have to be in an environment where, especially initially, you are undertaking a lot of the operation yourself.”

2. To Trust My Intuition

“As an artist, you have been blessed with the gift of musicality and nourishing and sustaining that talent is of the utmost importance, so really channeling God and your inner voice is truly important.”

3. To Continually Practice

“Practice makes perfect and it’s important to always remain curious and keep your finger on the pulse to make sure you’re always in the loop.”

4. To Stay Consistent With Routines

“Routines will always be there when motivation wavers from time to time. The consistency in your mental focus with tasks is the difference at the cutting edge in any discipline you opt to pursue.”

5. To Network and Engage With a Clean Heart and Clean Intentions

“Communication is key and so important. I think people are super lovely and interesting, and somebody from my past referenced people as condensed books. I’ve always loved that quote, so there’s always something to learn and, in turn, offer in every interaction that you’re a part of.”

6. To Enjoy the Creation of Music Through and Through

“Music is such a pure art form. So it’s really important to enjoy it for even its most granular and pedantic elements.”

pher, ‘moon’ single artwork

pher, ‘moon’ single artwork

7. To Budget and Allocate Resources Efficiently

“Especially at the earlier parts it’s important to survey your marketing landscape and understand where exactly your best return on investment is and how best to leverage those avenues.”

8. The Importance of Album/Single Artwork

“Before you are heard, you’re seen/perceived. That’s not how you’d like it to be in an ideal world, but it plays a big part in musical branding. So the imagery affixed to not only your art but yourself is incredibly important in marketing yourself as a full package.”

9. To Trust God Always

“For those that have faith close to their heart, this is the most important thing; most would have felt called to music by God himself.”

10. To Have Fun!

“Life is for living man. Always remember to enjoy everything you’re a part of.”

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