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Paper Citizen Premieres Her Tribute-Paying “American Song” Music Video

Paper Citizen, the songwriting project of Claire Gohst, premieres the music video for “American Song,” her ode to the country she grew up in.



Paper Citizen aka Claire Gohst in 2024, photo by @HolySmokePhotography
Paper Citizen aka Claire Gohst in 2024, photo by @HolySmokePhotography

Do you like American music? Paper Citizen likes all kinds of music, but she likes American music best. If you’re a fan of classic American indie rock band Violent Femmes or just a listener of alternative rock radio, you’ll know what we’re talking about. And it helps emphasize the point that Paper Citizen is trying to make with her new single “American Song.”

This is her very own tribute to the music she grew up on and the music she views as part of the glue that keeps her country together. Paper Citizen is the indie rock outlet of singer-songwriter Claire Gohst. She loves to share her excitement for rock n’ roll music with her listeners. The Singapore-born artist would like you to know what she appreciates about her life and upbringing in the United States.

The music video for “American Song” is a nice little snapshot of everyday American life. It features her and her band performing the song in her garage. It also features friends just having fun together, with worries set aside, enjoying each other’s company. Commenting on the song itself, Gohst tells us:

“‘American Song’ is my ode/tribute to how much I love and cherish American music and my nostalgia for how much live music has changed over the last decade. Despite all the things we disagree on in this country, I think we can agree that America has some of the best music in the world.”

As a recording project, Paper Citizen is meant to be a traditional rock with a wide range of appeal. It’s not hung up on classifications or categorizations. It’s a fun brand of rock meant to be entertaining and inspirational. If anything could be considered inspirational, it’s Gohst’s backstory of how she ended up where she is now. Originally from Singapore, she was kicked out of her home at 17 when her family discovered she was gay. Fortunately, she had built some local momentum as a live performer. She realized that to really “go for it,” she’d need to move to America. So she did, settling in Boston and then studying music at Berklee College of Music.

It’s been a wild ride to get here, but Gohst has risen above the adversity. Now, she’s ready to thank the music that got her to where she is today.

Paper Citizen “American Song” single artwork

Paper Citizen “American Song” single artwork