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OMBIIGIZI Unveils Stunning Single & Video for “Connecting”

“Connecting” is the rousing new single by OMBIIGIZI, the project of Canadian duo Adam Sturgeon and Daniel Monkman.



OMBIIGIZI, photo by Natasha Roberts
OMBIIGIZI, photo by Natasha Roberts

Connecting” is the rousing new single by OMBIIGIZI, the project of Canadian duo Adam Sturgeon (Status/Non-Status) and Daniel Monkman (Zoon), sonic luminaries at the fore of the Anishnaabe revival.

An exultant anthem awash in searing guitar melodies and jangling rhythm, the track delves into themes of identity and agency within the context of the Indigenous experience. Sonically vibrant and erupting in raw emotion and ragged riffage, “Connecting” is propelled by the growing harmony and volume of Indigenous voices.

OMBIIGIZI comments:

“‘Connecting’ explores the idea that we’ve not always been given a choice in how to define ourselves. Is it the Indian Act, our identities, our family or the company we keep? It starts with you and we believe.”

The Anishinaabe revival is accelerating. Our artists are becoming more resurgent in all realms: telling the stories, singing the songs, and creating the imagery to further solidify our everlasting presence on this land. The soundtrack to this movement is diverse, profound, and beautiful. The Anishinaabe sonic revolution is richly layered and wide-reaching, inspiring and influencing all generations to gather, sing, and speak as we’ve always done. And at the core of this renewal are artists like Ombiigizi.

OMBIIGIZI “Connecting” single artwork

OMBIIGIZI “Connecting” single artwork

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