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Northlane Crushes Vancouver with Their ‘Mirror’s Edge Tour’ [Photos]

Australia’s Northlane’s ‘Mirror’s Edge Tour’ touched down in Vancouver and delivered a crushing night of their best material.



Northlane on Jun 24, 2024, photo by Randy Romero
Northlane on Jun 24, 2024, photo by Randy Romero

After a two-year absence, Northlane arrived back in Vancouver. The Australian quartet stopped at the popular Commodore Ballroom for one of the first dates of their Mirror’s Edge North American Tour and brought along Invent Animate, Thornhill, and Windwaker.

Windwaker was the first to hit the stage. Coming out of Melbourne, Australia, they powered through their seven-song set, delivering an energetic performance and preparing the crowd for the rest of the night.

They opened up with “Get Out,” followed by “Dopamine Freestyle,” “Superstitious Fantasy,” “The Wall,” “Beautiful,” “Break the Rules,” and “SIRENS” to close out. Their performance was almost cut close as the fire alarm went off during the last two songs, but there was nothing to worry about.

Thornhill hopped on the stage and kept the party going. They started their set with “Views From the Sun,” one of their hit singles from their 2019 album The Dark Pool. The crowd was getting more intense, and the mosh pit was growing. They then closed their set with “Where We Go When We Die,” their most popular single.

It was then time for Invent Animate, the only band not coming from the land down under from the roaster. The band, already accustomed to touring with Northland, started their set with “Sleepless Deathbed.”

Mid-set, they performed their just-released single “How We Used to Say Goodbye,” but it looked like the song had been out for longer as the crowd knew the lyrics from top to bottom.

They closed their performance with “Immolation of Night,” the third single from their 2023 album Heavener.

Northlane was supposed to start at 9:30 pm, but they started a few minutes earlier with “Carbonized,” “Intuition,” and “Miasma,” while some fans were crowd surfing and jumping joyfully to the songs.

After “Clarity,” they stopped to thank the fans and said how it felt like ages since they were in Vancouver. It was just two years ago that they played for 200 people, and now they were rocking in front of nearly 1,000.

For their tenth song, they delivered a medley of “Worldeater,” “Dispossession,” and “Jinn.” They performed “Nova” to close their set and did not leave the stage without taking a group photo with the crowd.

The lineup for this show was incredible, and the crowd enjoyed it from the beginning until the last song. You could feel the energy at the Commodore from the outside.