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Nestor Bassist Marcus Åblad Shares His Top 10 ’80s Influences

Nestor bassist Marcus Åblad joins us to share with us his Top 10 most influential hard rock acts of the 1980s.



Nestor in 2024, photo by Henrik Eriksson
Nestor in 2024, photo by Henrik Eriksson

As a unit, Nestor is not shy about sharing their musical intentions. You can hear it on their brand new album, Teenage Rebel. The Swedish hard rockers are out to reignite the sound and the passion of the golden era of their genre. The band is a product of that golden era, having formed in 1989. But soon after forming, they fell into an extended hibernation period, only to reemerge in the 2020s. Their 2021 debut, Kids in a Ghost Town, was a statement of that ’80s rock passion and authenticity. The influence of legends like Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Journey, and Foreigner burns bright within their music.

Teenage Rebel, Nestor’s sophomore full-length, was released on May 31st via Napalm Records. This record follows in the footsteps of Kids in a Ghost Town, with more of the same rebellious and precise, hit-packed classic hard rock. There aren’t a lot of hard rock bands still staying true to that classic sound, which makes this group unique within today’s scene. Elite acts of that era have taken notice, too, with Alice Cooper and Def Leppard having invited Nestor along to open for them.

With the ’80s the theme of the day, Nestor bassist Marcus Åblad joins us today for a Top 10 list of bands from that decade of arena rock. Speaking of the ’80s, be sure to check out our Top 10 from 2022 with Nestor lead singer Tobias Gustavsson, focused on his favourite 1980s hard rock classics.

1. Kiss

“‘You wanted the best, you got the best…’ iconic is just to get started. These guys made a deep impact on all of us; music, makeup and showmanship. Real rockstars!”

2. Bon Jovi

“One of the greatest bands of all time! So many songs that forever will be remembered! And the balls to change key at the end of Livin’ on a Prayer… epic!”

3. Toto

“Slick west coast magic, taking musicianship to the next level. These guys were a great inspiration and pushed us all to level up.”

4. Mr. Mister

“The smartness and details in the songs are pure masterclass. Truly one of the great ’80s bands and always a go-to band when inspiration runs dry.”

5. Survivor

“An underrated underdog with ‘Eye of the Tiger,’ and a shitload of even better songs than that one in their catalogue! The vocals!”

6. Marillion

“Some really sweet memories to songs from early albums! We all got hooked, by the lyrics, the melodies, the stage presence and the beauty of one of Britain’s finest.”

Nestor ‘Teenage Rebel’ album artwork

Nestor ‘Teenage Rebel’ album artwork

7. Judas Priest

“Riff and falsetto power! Who can resist Rob and the gang? Totally blown away by the combination of beauty and beast.”

8. Magnum

“This is how you tell a story! With vocals, music and great lyrics, Magnum has been a true guide and companion in our youth’s musical journey!”

9. Van Halen

Eddie fucking Van Halen = riff master! Undeniably one of the ’80s biggest bands! To see the joy on these guys’ faces when they perform is truly inspirational! Music is supposed to be about emotions. Van Halen is about that, and in particular, to have fun!”

10. Def Leppard

“No list is complete without these guys. The details in their songwriting and production are excellent! Legend says that ‘Animal’ took three years from seed to grown plant… crazy but cool!”

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