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Stereo Six: Marisa and the Moths Vocalist Marisa Reveals Her Most Influential Albums

Marisa and the Moths vocal powerhouse Marisa joins us on Stereo Six to reveal six huge albums which have inspired her.



Marisa and the Moths
Marisa and the Moths, photo by Blackham Images

British alt-rock tour-de-force Marisa and the Moths recently released their hotly-anticipated new album, What Doesn’t Kill You (read our record review here).

The band whips up a killer mix of alt-rock, grunge and pop, with vocal powerhouse Marisa fronting the group and delivering a superstar performance that defies any pigeonholing. That being the case, we caught up with Marisa and the Moths vocalist for a Stereo Six feature, where she picks six albums that made the biggest impact on her vocal career.

1. Paramore – Riot! (2007, Fueled By Ramen)

“Probably the album that had the biggest influence on my generations female rock vocalists. The whole album is filled with banger after banger, and whilst it’s polished, it still has a rawness and – what a drum sound! It was a close call with some of their others, but Riot! is definitely my favourite Paramore album.”

2. Evanescence – Fallen (2003, Wind-Up Records)

“Seeing Evanescence when they released Fallen was the first rock concert I ever went to as a kid; it was a pivotal moment in setting me on the path to wanting to be a rock singer and songwriter. Amy Lee is probably the singer that I am most often compared to and it was such a privilege to chat to her at last years Download before they played, not only is she incredibly nice she’s still got that same infallible voice 20 years later!”

3. Flyleaf – Flyleaf (2005, Octone)

“This album changed me as a songwriter; it was probably the most influential album for me in terms of the way that there are dramatic contrasting moments in the music and the vocal performance, switching from powerful and aggressive to fragile and sweet. These sorts of changes are super prominent in the songs I write now! Lacey Sturm is an absolute QUEEN and I am still praying I get to meet her one day!”

Artwork for the albums and songs Marisa lists in this Stereo Six

Artwork for the albums and songs Marisa lists in this Stereo Six

4. Nothing But Thieves – Nothing But Thieves (2015, RCA)

“This album was my theme of the summer of 2016! Every song is killer, no filler. Could listen to Conor’s voice all day! What a dreamboat!”

5. Sleep Token – Take Me Back To Eden (2023, Spinefarm)

“Sleep Token is the most recent band for me to get ‘obsessed’ with. I saw them at Takedown Festival in 2023 for the first time, and I honestly cried five times. They’re musical geniuses with the way the mash-up heavy rock with elements of pop, jazz and R&B. It’s been amazing to watch them rise to the top, and so well deserved!”

6. Dinosaur Pile-up – Celebrity Mansions (2019, Parlaphone Records)

“I love Dinosaur Pile-up! They are another band that blends musical genres in a cool way! From the nostalgic elements of classic grunge, to 2000s pop punk, and even an undertone of hip-hop in places! It’s high-energy rock’n’roll with no f*cks given. Love these guys, and this album is hook-central!”

Marisa and the Moths ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’ Album Artwork

Marisa and the Moths ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’ Album Artwork

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