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Mahan Abdollahi Premieres His Melodic New Single “Form No.3”

Mahan Abdollahi of the Iranian metal band One Missing Link has really branched out with the premiere of his melodic new single “Form No.3.”



Mahan Abdollahi, photo by Narges Pourbadakhshan
Mahan Abdollahi, photo by Narges Pourbadakhshan

Side projects allow your “free” flag to fly, which is what Mahan Abdollahi has done with his new single. Today, the multi-instrumentalist debuts his new track, “Form No.3.” You may know of Abdollahi’s other work, in the well-regarded Iranian metal band One Missing Link (check out our recent premiere of the band’s “Second Kin” single). As a solo artist, Abdollahi approaches songwriting in a completely different fashion. It’s a platform for him to be experimental and push himself creatively.

You’ll notice in “Form No.3” that it contains vocals but no lyrics. How can that be? Well, it speaks to the artist’s unrivalled originality as he vocalizes melodies on top of the music. He uses traditional Iranian melodies from his homeland that add a human touch to his songwriting. It’s like telling a story without the need for any words.

Discussing the writing process for the song, Abdollahi states:

“The creation process of ‘Form No.3’ started with the harmonic minor melodies that I always find myself fiddling with on the guitar. I continued with harmonizing the melody by using diminished triads to give the song an interesting flavor. And in the final step, I liked to use something like an Opeth-style ending to the song. For instance, their song ‘Deliverance’ uses a repeating rhythmic cadence that engages the listener’s ears and makes them explore and enjoy it for a long time. The gradual addition of the strings in addition to the vocals, and the guitars add some much-needed color to the song. After the song’s overall structure was completed, I experimented with what was left by improvising with my guitar on the various parts to find the perfect vocal line.”

He continues:

“What I feel like this song represents in its core, is about a storyteller talking to us about what they’ve been through in life. In the middle of the song, his story converges with the present times and is about us listening to the story. Perhaps we’ll all turn into the storyteller and we’ll talk about what we’ve been through and our story moves forward in time to the present and we’ll find new experiences.”

One Missing Link has become a staple of the metal scene in Iran. But as a solo artist, Abdollahi didn’t begin to write original music until 2020. As expected, he has always been a lover of metal music but has also always been fond of traditional Iranian folk music. This is what led him down this solo road he has been on, trying his hand at a type of progressive rock that is not at all commonplace in Iran. Abdollahi is very encouraged by where his solo recordings are taking him, with more plans on the horizon to branch out. He intends this for any listener of music who is open to new experiences. If you are an open-minded listener, then you’ll appreciate Abdollahi’s unique form of musical expression.

Mahan Abdollahi “Form No.3” single artwork

Mahan Abdollahi “Form No.3” single artwork