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LJ Sleeze Just Don’t Give a… with the Premiere of ‘Dead Or Alive’

Punk rock purists LJ Sleeze premieres their brand new Dead Beat Records and Eight Ball Record$-released album ‘Dead Or Alive.’



LJ Sleeze, photo by Tristan Clodfelter
LJ Sleeze, photo by Tristan Clodfelter

The cornerstone of any good punk rock record is energy and attitude, which LJ Sleeze has taken to heart on their brand-new record. Today, we help debut Dead Or Alive before its official release on June 28th via Dead Beat Records and Eight Ball Record$. This is a tightly written, ten-track collection of meat and potatoes punk rock. It harkens back to the old days of punk when the genre was mean and lean, devoid of any fluff. It’s Sex Pistols punk, meant to smash you over the head with riotous intensity.

The Richmond, Virginia, band took their time with this one, ensuring the songs were fierce and meaningful. Despite the album’s intensity, it’s not just a free-for-all of noise and turbulence. The songs are crisply written and recorded, which speaks to the band’s musical growth since the release of 2022’s Stay Sleezy.

With some words on the new record, LJ Sleeze frontman Max Gottesman states:

Dead or Alive is the culmination of five years of writing. After coming up with Keepin’ It Sleezy and Put Something Sleezy Between Your Legs I really dug in and unearthed older tracks and wrote new ones fine tuning them until I was able to make the album I’ve always wanted to make. I recorded everything myself with friends Ben Rosenstock, Billy Bacci, and Chris Spies filling in where it was needed.”

Throughout Dead Or Alive, Gottesman does his best to channel all the punk rock spirit he can muster up. Like any great punk frontman, he is both cantankerous and combative. One of his most noteworthy lyrics emphasizing his prickly point of view is, “Now I don’t care if you rock with this, just don’t feed me any more of your shit.” It’s that attitude and raw energy that makes this feel like a classic punk rock offering.

LJ Sleeze ‘Dead Or Alive’ album release show flyer

LJ Sleeze ‘Dead Or Alive’ album release show flyer

Dead Or Alive contains some musical surprises along the way. There are saxophone solos and post-punk-inspired bass grooves. These songs expand their sound without chipping away at any of their fundamentals. But as a record, this is the most definitive statement of LJ Sleeze’s sound and musical approach. Unapologetic in its approach, the band fundamentally shows that they are not here to fuck around.

Tour Dates:

07/04 – Cobra Cabana, Richmond, VA (Record Release Show w/ Destructo Disk, Wrong Worshippers, and Molt)

Dead Or Alive Track Listing:

1. Ain’t Easy Bein’ Sleezy
2. Dead Or Alive
3. Rock Bottom
4. Don’t Wanna
5. Money
6. Rock & Roll Woman
7. I’m Trouble
8. High Time
9. Don’t Care
10. Rolling With The Reaper

LJ Sleeze ‘Dead Or Alive’ album artwork

LJ Sleeze ‘Dead Or Alive’ album artwork