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Stereo Six: Leave The Ghosts Behind Reflect on Their Favourite Records

Up-and-coming Swiss post-hardcore band Leave The Ghosts Behind joins us for a Stereo Six to discuss six of their favourite records.



Leave The Ghosts Behind, photo courtesy of Leave The Ghosts Behind
Leave The Ghosts Behind, photo courtesy of Leave The Ghosts Behind

One band that is really starting to make some “noise” is Leave The Ghosts Behind. The Bern, Switzerland outfit recently released their defining debut single, “Diamond Skin.” This is a real “statement” kind of song, a declaration of the band’s sound and musical intentions.

Previously, Leave The Ghosts Behind might have been considered more of a pop-punk band. But “Diamond Skin” illustrates the change in musical style that the band has been conjuring up. The song was spearheaded by lead singer Finn Graber, who was initially nervous about presenting it to the band. Luckily, they all quickly got on board and were happy to change things to a sound that each member was more pleased with.

The band’s sound blends the raw energy of hardcore punk with the melodic elements of modern post-hardcore. Being as an Ocean, Billy Talent, and Rise Against are important influences for them. “Diamond Skin” is one of a trio of upcoming singles that the group has on the horizon. They are focused on writing relatable songs that are easily accessible to their audience. These singles will delve into jealousy, breakups, and toxic workplace environments.

The band joins us today for a Stereo Six, outlining six albums that have played an important role in their musical development.

1. Thursday – Full Collapse (2001, Victory Records)

Finn Graber: “For me, this album really represents emo post-hardcore/screamo music at its finest. I absolutely love the guitars and vocals on this record. They just sound so raw and unpolished… It’s truly a stunning record and I could listen to it on any day. Also, at the moment, this album is my main inspiration for songwriting.”

2. Being As An Ocean – How We Both Wondrously Perish (2014, InVogue Records)

Graber: “There was a time where I listened to one band only, and that was BAAO. They were a really big reason for me to join a band and write the kind of music we do now. What I really liked about this band is their unique blend of melody and heaviness with those raw vocals at times. Yes, I would say for me, they’re one of the greatest bands of the genre.”

Artwork for the albums Leave The Ghosts Behind lists in this Stereo Six

Artwork for the albums Leave The Ghosts Behind lists in this Stereo Six

3. Stick To Your Guns – Diamond (2012, Sumerian Records)

Graber: “This album got me into STYG and also more or less into the hardcore genre. I still listen to it a lot of times. Whenever they release a new record it’s the first thing I listen to on the release day. I saw them live, for about four or five times, and they really inspired me in terms of stage presence and style and this sort of hardcore/melodic hardcore music. Truly a fantastic band that no one should miss out on.”

4. Billy Talent – Billy Talent II (2006, Atlantic Records)

Kimmo: “So, with this album, I kind of stumbled upon Billy Talent and got into the whole post-hardcore scene. Back then, I was dealing with some serious bullying crap? And those songs? They helped me deal with all that anger I had bottled up inside. It’s funny because they weren’t even about that stuff, but they just hit me in all the feels. This goes for their first three albums, but especially this one.

“Later in my life, tracks such as ‘This Suffering,’ ‘Surrender,’ and ‘Perfect World’ helped me through some post-breakup times after really crappy relationships. To this day, I keep going back to this album. It means so much to me, and honestly, it’s what makes Billy Talent my absolute favourite band.”

5. While She Sleeps – So What? (2019, Search and Destroy, Spinefarm Records, UNFD, Universal Music)

Kimmo: “I’m drawn to So What? for several reasons. Firstly, its raw energy and aggressive sound captivate my attention, pulling me into the intensity of the music. The album’s powerful lyrics touch on themes of defiance, resilience, and empowerment, reflecting my own inner strength and determination. Additionally, the dynamic range of the album, from blistering riffs to melodic interludes, keeps me engaged throughout, offering both catharsis and introspection. Overall, So What? speaks to my love for music that not only energizes me but also speaks to my deeper emotions and experiences.”

6. We Came As Romans – Darkbloom (2022, SharpTone Records)

Julian:Darkbloom combines elements of modern post-hardcore and metalcore. The album offers a captivating blend of heavy guitars and electronic elements. While some songs exude a dark atmosphere, they often convey positive messages, which resonates with me. Overall, the diverse musical palette and uplifting themes make Darkbloom a standout album in the genre.”

Leave The Ghosts Behind ‘Diamond Skin’ album artwork

Leave The Ghosts Behind ‘Diamond Skin’ album artwork

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