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Knocked Loose Return to Louisville for a Sold-Out Homecoming Weekend [Photos]

Hardcore heavyweights Knocked Loose brought their massive summer tour with Division of Mind, White Reaper, and Poison The Well to Louisville.



Knocked Loose on June 14, 2024, photo by Brandon Turner
Knocked Loose on June 14, 2024, photo by Brandon Turner

Kentucky hardcore band Knocked Loose are on the verge of their biggest year ever. With the release of You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To (YWGBYST), their multiple chart-topping third album, they embarked on a 60-date sold-out North American tour. They also completed a European/UK tour in the winter, with some of the largest shows they have played to date.

The finale of this trek was a trio of hometown shows in Louisville, Kentucky. The first show of the three was at Portal in a 400-capacity venue with no barricade. The next two nights were in a 2000-capacity venue at Old Forester’s Paristown Hall. On the bill for the second night of the homecoming was Division of Mind, White Reaper, and Poison The Well.

Division of Mind (DOM), from Richmond, Virginia, ignited the night with their brand of pummeling hardcore. DOM are strong supporters of local music and plays occasional smaller gigs. Welcomed by an early arriving crowd and a large mosh pit, they fit right in and turned some heads.

The second Louisville band on the bill was White Reaper. Before their first note was played, keyboardist Ryan Hater told the crowd, “Move up, we’re not that kind of band.” They still brought their energetic alternative/punk rock style to a warm reception. With big tours under their belt already, it’s nice to see two significant bands from the same town sharing the stage.

Poison The Well has been on the scene since the 1990s, with a couple of breaks in between. They are still beloved and continue to play shows in different countries today despite not releasing any new music since 2009. Crowd surfers began to make their way to the barricade to the tune of their melodic metalcore and the pit did not slow down. The set featured many classic cuts, including “Botchla,” “Nerdy,” and “Slice Paper Wrists.”

During the last set change, a white curtain was placed in front of the stage. The excitement and anticipation rose when the glowing white cross illuminated during the start of “Blinding Faith,” the lead single off of the latest Knocked Loose record. And it was up from there. The curtain fell to reveal a haunting forest scene from the cover of YWGBYSP. Knocked Loose records are relentless on their own; experiencing these tracks live takes them to a higher level.

“Every year we try to do something special for our hometown, so like there’s always something up our sleeve,” vocalist Byran Garris posted on the band’s Instagram. “When we were crafting this headline tour, we were talking about having a Louisville show, and it was like, ‘no we have to do something more special for home.’”

Towards the beginning of the set, three different pits opened up; Garris had the crowd combine them to create the largest pit of the night. Guitarist Isaac Hale has some of the most ferocious bellows in this scene, along with Garris’ frantic raw vocals. Witnessing drummer Kevin Kaine perform the entire set with a toothpick in his mouth was pretty remarkable. The band’s intensity extends past their music.

From jumping, crisscrossing the stage, and crowd involvement, it was clear the band was feeding off of the crowd. The crowd surfers began coming over the barricade in waves. With all of the activity, there were no notable incidents; everyone seemed to take care of each other. The 18-track set featured cuts from each album and EP and the live debut of “Sit & Mourn” from the latest album.

There is no denying how big Knocked Loose has gotten. The question remains: how big can they get? As of now, the sky’s the limit as they rest and prepare for a late summer amphitheater run with Slipknot in North America.