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Kibby Premieres Their Sludgy Single “Get Me to The Dentist”

Sludgy, grunge rock band Kibby premiere their doomy new single “Get Me to The Dentist” from the album ‘Whatever Happened To Honor.’



Kibby, photo by Victoria HIll
Kibby, photo by Victoria HIll

From day one to the present, Kibby is a band that has kept its focus and not strayed from the path they initially laid out for themselves. Spearheaded by frontman Mathu Kibby, the group reemerges today with the premiere of “Get Me to The Dentist.”

Sludgy and savoury, the song carries heavy early grunge and garage rock vibes. It may remind you of Bleach-era Nirvana’s heavy, stripped-down, and harsh sound. Rather than rely on studio trickery or modern technology, Kibby keeps it as raw as possible. This is as old school as it gets and a welcome reminder of a golden era long behind us now.

Commenting on “Get Me to The Dentist,” Mathu Kibby states:

“A doom and gloom, heavy hitter about the fear of death. Tongue fully in cheek for this one with lyrics about being exhausted by the idea of having to wait to get old and die.”

“Get Me to The Dentist” is the lead track from Kibby’s brand new album Whatever Happened To Honor. When Mathu started Kibby as a solo project in late 2018, he laid out for himself one key goal. Living in Queens, New York at the time, his clearest intention was that he would release an album every year for ten years straight. Which, when you think about it, is a very ambitious, admirable goal. Think back in the last 60 years of rock history; almost no artist has ever been able to pull that off. Whatever Happened To Honor is keeping Mathu’s goal very much intact, with this now the fifth Kibby record. It is set for release in August, perhaps the band’s most diverse record yet.

The theme of Whatever Happened To Honor centers around honesty and candour. All the songs are focused on not just being honest with yourself but others. Lay out your intentions, make them known, and don’t sugarcoat who you are or what you want. The idea for the record came from Mathu’s own personal observations of the world around him. There are a lot of people trying to hide themselves from the truth. They are creating their own perception of the world that is not entirely accurate.

That’s where the album title comes from: Our modern deficiency of honour. It’s meant to be a statement to be straight up and not screw around. This is a very worthwhile message coming at a time when there are so many different versions of the truth, and in many cases, you’re not even sure what or who to believe.

Kibby “Get Me to The Dentist” single artwork

Kibby “Get Me to The Dentist” single artwork