Kat Von D Drops ’80s-Inspired Music Video for “Dead” Single

Kat Von D has released her haunting and infectious new music video and single for “Dead” iconic & giving “Jane Fonda” 80’s workout energy.



Kat Von D, photo by Sad Swim

Kat Von D has released her haunting and infectious new music video and single for “Dead” online. The music video conjures an iconic “Jane Fonda” ’80s workout energy and injects Kat’s unique flavour, high fashion, and gothic fervour, making the clip fun and unforgettable. On the heels of her late 2023 single “Vampire Love,” “Dead” continues to push Kat Von D back into the musical spotlight. Kat has been busy in the studio wrapping up production on multiple new singles, leading to an album release later this year. The “Dead” music video, directed by Ryan Valdez, is now available on YouTube.

Kat Von D’s brand of disco goth leans heavily into her longtime influences, including synthwave, goth, new wave, post-punk, and other iconic electronic sounds of the ’80s. “Dead” and the recent single “Vampire Love” are her first two song releases since 2021. Kat Von D writes music and pens lyrics from a place of love, darkness, vulnerability, and an authentic reflection of her life experiences. She aims to captivate listeners with a mesmerizing musical style that seduces with its ethereal and romantically macabre charm. While many of the themes of her music may be dark, the music itself is unforgettable and will prove timeless.

Kat Von D

“‘Dead’ is a dreamy, dark, synth-pop jam that’ll make you wanna cry and get up and dance simultaneously. I remember the day that Shari Short and I wrote this song; I knew there just HAD to be a goth-aerobics music video to go along with it! Famed horror director Ryan Valdez directed the music video in Los Angeles, which was heavily inspired by classic Jane Fonda workouts from the 80’s. There’s a very special appearance in one of the music video trailers of legendary Charo joining me and my friends working out to ‘Dead.’”

“Dead” emerged from a collaboration between two songwriting legends: Shari Short (Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Rita Ora, etc.) and Fernando Garibay (Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and Kylie Minogue). Garibay also produced the song with Kat Von D.

Kat Von D’s got quite the résumé – from shaking up the tattoo industry to hit TV shows, writing best-selling books, and creating a beauty empire. But rewind a bit, and you’ll find her admiring and jamming to her first love: music. Before she ruled the ink and makeup scene, she poured her heart into melodies and songwriting. With a background in classical music and an eclectic appreciation for different genres, music’s always been her vibe. Now, she’s rocking the goth/synthwave scene; her latest track, “Vampire Love,” is just another hit in her repertoire, following the success of her debut album, Love Made Me Do It, and the Exorcisms EP. She’s not just a tattoo queen or makeup mogul – she’s a legit music powerhouse.


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