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John Calvin Premieres His Perceptive Single “I Can Make Your Heart Mine”

Singer-songwriter John Calvin premieres his new single “I Can Make Your Heart Mine,” a stripped-down tribute to parenthood.



John Calvin, photo by John Fusco
John Calvin, photo by John Fusco

One of the telltale signs of an elite songwriter is sincerity, a quality John Calvin inherently exudes. You can hear it in his voice and his passion for songwriting. Today, Calvin debuts his new single, “I Can Make Your Heart Mine.” The song will be featured on his upcoming full-length Greener Fields & Fairer Seas, which will be released on January 24th of next year.

Becoming a parent is a unique experience that Calvin attempts to convey in this new song. As a father, Calvin tries to take a worldview from his children’s perspective. He uses empathy to help them grow and tries to accept their faults and mistakes. If you accept what you can’t control and try to parent the right way, your child will most likely become the best version of themselves.

Delving further into “I Can Make Your Heart Mine” and its musical elements, John Calvin tells us:

“If parenthood doesn’t change a person, it should. It’s a chance to set aside the past and pour yourself into a child who, against all reason, adores you. It’s a harrowing moment that asks us to set aside one history while we help create another. ‘I Can Make Your Heart Mine’ is a wish to let the past go in peace and fully accept the risk of loving someone unconditionally.

“Lyrically, I try to leave room for the listener. The song means something specific to me, but I try to soften that specificity, often by stripping things down: That ain’t no reason to cry / Those days are over and gone / What I can’t leave behind / I’ll have to carry on.

“For me, that’s more universal. Through acceptance and presence, we gain resolution. My hope is that this finds listeners where they are and gives them a sense of a path forward.

“What’s nice is that the music is stripped down to match the lyrics. There’s an old Rhodes and a wonky Hammond organ in the studio. There’s something comforting about weaving these voices together like a conversation. It feels like mutual support, a kind of reinforcement that builds to a joyful exit.”

Greener Fields & Fairer Seas will be a fine collection of insightful songs for any traditional American heartland rock fan. Silver linings abound within this new set of tracks. Calvin wants to remind you that no matter how bad you think things are, something positive always comes along soon enough. His lyrics are poetic in nature, while the music is entrenched within the rich traditions of American folk music.

The album is very much a product of the time in which it was recorded. These were pandemic times during which Calvin was writing and recording. The songs delve into the horrific reality of this era while projecting hope through your family and surroundings.

It’s ultimately a record about growing up and facing the music that comes with personal growth. It’s everything you could want from a record that pays tribute to the past and the present of the great genre of Americana.

John Calvin “I Can Make Your Heart Mine” single artwork

John Calvin “I Can Make Your Heart Mine” single artwork

John Calvin ‘Greener Fields & Fairer Seas’ album artwork

John Calvin “I Can Make Your Heart Mine” single artwork