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Jane N’ The Jungle Takes Control with Their “GTFO” Music Video Premiere

Led by the indelible Jordan White, Jane N’ The Jungle premiere the music video for their riff-rocking new single “GTFO.”



Jane N’ The Jungle, photo by Jim Louvau
Jane N’ The Jungle, photo by Jim Louvau

Every band has their specialty, so if you’ve followed Jane N’ The Jungle over the years, you know what theirs is. It’s pumping out heavy, stadium rock anthems designed to bring the house down. Their new single “GTFO” may be their most anthemic track yet.

The band is pleased to debut the song’s official music video today, an explosive performance video showcasing that trademark passion and intensity you have come to expect from lead singer Jordan White. “GTFO” is a supercharged song, so a similar supercharged video clip to go along with it. The song was inspired by the band’s view on American greed and American gun violence. The video features the band performing in front of dozens of bullets suspended in the air, a sad reminder of the violence inherent in American culture.

Beyond these inspirations, there are more personal motivations behind “GTFO” for White. As she tells us:

“‘GTFO’ is about taking control of your life and leaving behind what no longer serves you. So often I am judged by the quiet, shy girl I used to be… ‘GTFO’ is breaking out of that mould and narrative. Sometimes you have to lose it all to set yourself free.”

V13 has been a longtime supporter of Jane N’ The Jungle. Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, the group celebrated its tenth anniversary last year. The driving force has always been the indelible chemistry and devotion apparent between White and her childhood friend, guitarist Brian Dellis. It’s been five years this year since the release of their debut full-length Concrete Jungle. They returned in 2022 with the Ocean Creatures EP and then this past February, they released their Life of the Party EP. The six-track effort is a hard rock powerhouse with a perfect mixture of big riffs and radio-friendly melodies.

“GTFO” is meant as the first single off of the band’s upcoming record. They are putting the finishing touches on that with producer Cameron Mizell (Avril Lavigne, Memphis May Fire, Sleeping With Sirens). As you eagerly await the arrival of that record, you can rock the fuck out with another big-league hard rock banger.

Jane N’ The Jungle “GTFO” single artwork, photo by Jim Louvau

Jane N’ The Jungle “GTFO” single artwork, photo by Jim Louvau