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Holly Humberstone Closes Out Her Tour in Style with Sold-Out Vancouver Show [Photos]

Pop singer-songwriter Holly Humberstone touched down at Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom to close out her North American tour.



Holly Humberstone on May 24, 2024, photo by Randy Romero
Holly Humberstone on May 24, 2024, photo by Randy Romero

English singer and songwriter Holly Humberstone closed her ‘The Holly Humberstone (This Feels Like the Truman) Show” tour with a sold-out show at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver on May 29th.

The gig was originally scheduled at a different venue but was moved to the Commodore to accommodate more fans. The mostly young female crowd arrived at the venue early to enjoy the show from the beginning.

Carol Ades was in charge of the opening act. The New Jersey native’s performance was phenomenal. She opened her set with “I Can’t Wait to be British,” her first released song.

She followed up with “Crying During Sex,” then “Special.” In between each song, she explained how the song came about and her feelings for them, keeping the crowd engaged with her performance.

She continued to the last part of her seven-song-long set with “Better Than You Found Me,” “Unlearn Me,” “26,” and “Dreams” to close out her set. Holly came from backstage and opened her set with the title track from her latest album, Paint My Bedroom Black.

During the show, she was not only singing, but she was also showing her ability to play the guitar on songs like “Into Your Room,” “The Walls Are Way Too Thin,” “Overkill,” “Kissing in Swimming Pools,” and many others. The piano was the focal instrument for song number ten, “Can You Afford to Lose Me?

The fans were enjoying each second of the show and singing along to each song. Holly finished her set with “Girl,” “Sleep Tight,” and “Ghost Me.” This comes right after a voice message outro played after Holly left the stage.

The fans refused to leave the venue and wanted Humberstone to come back to the stage and keep delighting them with more songs, Holly then returned to the stage for two more songs, “Friendly Fire” for which she began acoustic, just with a guitar. The band joined halfway through and closed things out with “Scarlett.”

Humberstone put on a great show for the closing of her U.S. and Canada tour. Her Vancouverite fans couldn’t have asked for a better show.