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HAPPIE Celebrates Family Bonds and Heritage on Single “Shooting Star”

Indie-pop sensation HAPPIE has released a new single, “Shooting Star,” dedicated to her father in a heartfelt tribute.



HAPPIE, photo by Ann Margaret Hedges
HAPPIE, photo by Ann Margaret Hedges

Indie-pop sensation HAPPIE has released a new single, “Shooting Star,” dedicated to her father in a heartfelt tribute just in time for Father’s Day. This emotional release is a preview of her upcoming EP, which is set to drop this summer.

HAPPIE has made a name for herself with her emotive storytelling and captivating performances. Her debut was hailed as “a stunning revelation,” marking HAPPIE as an artist with a unique ability to weave personal narratives into her music. With “Shooting Star,” she explores the profound impact of her father, a key figure in her life and artistic journey. Raised in Memphis, HAPPIE’s music is deeply influenced by her father’s role as a cantor in a major Reform Jewish congregation, blending her rich heritage with universal themes of love and self-discovery.

The new single pays tribute to her father’s enduring influence and sets the stage for her new EP. This collection promises to be a testament to HAPPIE’s artistic evolution, featuring songs that delve into the many facets of love. Her sound, often likened to artists such as Maggie Rogers and Lana Del Rey, seamlessly blends organic and electronic elements, creating an evocative auditory experience.

HAPPIE’s musical journey has been characterized by her ability to forge deep connections with her audience through her authentic and emotive performances. Starting as one half of the indie folk duo Eric & Happie, known for their modern takes on traditional Jewish melodies and global love songs, HAPPIE has continually evolved. Her solo work, combining folk roots with electro-pop influences, has allowed her to explore new sonic territories and emotional depths.

Her previous EP, Heartbreak Season, was a declaration of independence and a nuanced exploration of personal and romantic relationships. With her new work, HAPPIE continues to delve into these themes, offering listeners a glimpse into her personal experiences and growth as an artist.

Reflecting on her latest single, HAPPIE says, “Each project is a chapter of my life, and ‘Shooting Star’ is one of the most personal. It embodies the lessons and love my father has given me. Before every performance, he tells me to ‘show them your heart,’ and this track, along with the entire EP, is my way of sharing my heart with the world.”

HAPPIE “Shooting Star” single artwork

HAPPIE “Shooting Star” single artwork

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