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Hamish Anderson is ‘Electric’ on His New Single “You’re Mine” [Premiere]

Guitarist extraordinaire Hamish Anderson premieres his new guitar-heavy single “You’re Mine” from his forthcoming album ‘ELECTRIC.’



Hamish Anderson, photo by Emma Gillett
Hamish Anderson, photo by Emma Gillett

One star that hangs highest on Hamish Anderson’s new album, and it’s not even him. It’s his guitar, to which he pays tribute throughout the forthcoming ELECTRIC. As we await the album’s release in the fall, Anderson is pleased to unveil another single. “You’re Mine” is the album’s second single, following the recently released “Late In The Evening.”

Both songs emphasize the core concept of the guitar that will be presented throughout the record. “You’re Mine” pays tribute to the fuzzed-out sounds of bands like The Faces, T-Rex, and different eras of Fleetwood Mac. As you might expect, the song leans heavily on Anderson’s extraordinary guitar grooves. But it also features some outstanding drum licks and musical chemistry, provided by his live touring band, bassist Lauren Stockner and drummer Pete Marin, who contributed heavily to ELECTRIC.

Discussing the background and recording process behind “You’re Mine,” Anderson states:

“‘You’re Mine’ was the last song I wrote for my new album ELECTRIC. I had written so much over the past five years for this record I didn’t think I had anything left to say and then suddenly one day I started playing the riff. It felt instantly exciting to me and the lyrics came very quickly too, it felt like the final missing piece of the album.

“As a song, it is quite vulnerable and open in its lyrics but with the music, it has a powerful and triumphant feel. I enjoyed mixing those two elements together. It was also a song that I knew had to have strings on it. We were very lucky to have Jessy Greene who has worked with the Foo Fighters add beautiful string arrangements to the song and it definitely added to the romance and dreamy feel of the song. I’m very proud of it and the power that it has in its simplicity.”

When you listen to these new songs from Anderson, it’s little wonder why he’s been worthy of such buzz lately. Last year, he was asked to open for Gary Clark Jr and George Thorogood & The Destroyers. He also joined both artists on stage for select performances. With his first record in five years, Anderson wanted to make ELECTRIC a special event. So he began with the focal point of making the record a celebration, or love letter, to the electric guitar. It’s the most complete and mature album he has ever recorded. He felt comfortable paying tribute to his heroes and letting the guitar do most of the heavy lifting.

Anderson spent a lot of time in pre-production on this album, which enabled him to hone in on what he feels are his best elements. And recording with Stockner and Marin ended up being very useful. Previous albums were recorded with session players. Doing the album with Stockner and Marin helped create consistency and continuity. This is genuinely a grand effort from an artist who has found himself as a player and as a songwriter.

Hamish Anderson “You’re Mine” single artwork

Hamish Anderson “You’re Mine” single artwork