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Fervor Drops Highly Anticipated EP ‘Mirrored Existence’

Fervor makes his debut on Gravitas Recordings on June 14th with a heavy 4-track EP full of genre-bending styles and a mysterious journey.




Fervor makes his debut on Gravitas Recordings on June 14th with a heavy 4-track EP full of genre-bending styles and a mysterious journey. Mirrored Existence leans into an emotional side of Fervor while blending with his gritty bass sound design. He let go of the genre boundaries and expressed his emotions in a sonic format without conforming to the typical bass music format. This resulted in a beautiful blend of styles that truly impressed us after we finished this EP, as well as a perfect melodic and dark contrast throughout the tracks while staying cohesive.

Gravitas Recordings always strives to push the boundaries of bass music and looks for releases that tell a story while listening and moving the dance floor during live sets. This release does just that, and it is amazing to hear an artist’s journey, digging deep and making something to please themselves instead of conforming to what is popular. Sometimes, this leads to the best kind of art, and we guarantee that any listener will enjoy this one!

Fervor explains:

“This EP is an accumulation of many different styles and inspirations. I tried not to think about what I was doing during the process and to just have fun. Because of that, my true self came out into my music and I was able to create a cohesive piece of work that still pushed boundaries and tested the listener.”

Reliant” opens the EP with grungy distant bass growls and ethereal fluttering synths, truly a perfect contrast that starts the EP off with a mysterious style. It drops into a massive drop with heavier stabbing bass while keeping the ethereal atmosphere and adding in melodic vocal chops for perfect ear candy. Mirrored Existence quickly drops into crunchy, gritty bass that is a much heavier tone than the previous track but still uses uplifting vocal chops that set a different vibe from your typical bass music track. This title track has the contrast inside it that prevails throughout the rest of the genre-fluent EP.

Perspective” brings the energy down with a slower groove, glitchy sound design, and distant vocal hooks. It drops into dark bass but constantly pulls back to let the vocal chops breathe and gives more of an emotional journey than the previous track. “The Wenk Of Gunther” epically ends the EP with a suspenseful build, releasing a huge drop of wild sound design and mind-melting rhythms. Wild ear candy fills the atmosphere with next-level sound effects and extra drum layers, truly filling the full audio spectrum in a beautiful way. The contrast between tracks and the different styles used inside each song truly shows the depth of Fervor’s production and storytelling.

Fervor ‘Mirrored Existence’ EP album artwork

Fervor ‘Mirrored Existence’ EP album artwork

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