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The Divine Hand Ensemble Premiere Juicy “Peaches En Regalia” Music Video

The Divine Hand Ensemble beautifully rework an old Frank Zappa song with the premiere of their “Peaches En Regalia” music video.



Divine Hand Ensemble, photo courtesy of Label 51 Recordings
Divine Hand Ensemble, photo courtesy of Label 51 Recordings

The theremin isn’t the most conventional instrument, but The Divine Hand Ensemble shows that when used correctly, it can be used as the focal point of a wonderful musical interpretation! Today, the group unveiled the music video for “Peaches En Regalia.” If the song title sounds familiar, it’s because it’s a reworked version of a Frank Zappa song from his 1969 Hot Rats album. You’ll find “Peaches En Regalia” and ten other covers on the ensemble’s new album, Aria 51. It was released late last month via Label 51 Recordings, with the theremin featuring prominently throughout the album.

The Divine Hand Ensemble is led by concert thereminist Mano Divina Giannone. The idea behind this album came from a desire from Giannone and his bandmates to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the invention of the theremin.

Discussing his motivation for remaking “Peaches En Regalia,” Giannone shares:

“I’m a huge Zappa fan and it’s always been a dream of mine to perform his music but using the theremin in place of guitar. ‘Peaches En Regalia’ is my favourite piece and I wanted to give it a really sci-fi feel as it opens our album. Using stringed instruments in place of the rock band elements led to our own unique take on it. We have added many more compositions from him since.

“We try to put our own sound on every cover we do and interpreting Zappa’s work through our unique instrumentation has been a blast!”

Aria 51 is demonstrative of the immense talent and originality within this impressive ensemble. It also features reinterpretations of classics from David Bowie, The Specials, Queen, and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Although the theremin is the primary focus, Giannone is also joined by a string quartet, harps, vibraphone, and accordion.

Over the years, Giannone has become highly regarded as one of the world’s most original composers. He has led this ensemble in enjoying some of the most interesting musical experiences one could ever ponder. The Divine Hand Ensemble performed for the Pope in 2015 and also backed the Lady in the Radiator from David Lynch’s Eraser Head. This is no ordinary act, but it’s certainly not meant to be. Giannone and his bandmates seek large musical challenges, embrace them, and never stop reaching for excellence.

Aria 51 Track Listing:

1. Peaches En Regalia
2. Opera
3. Wild is the Wind
4. Man Who Sold the World
5. Who Wants to Live Forever
6. Phantom of the Opera
7. La Vie en Rose
8. Hushabye Mountain *
9. Aria 51
10. Ghost Town
11. Nightingale & the Rose *
*CD Only

Tour Dates:

06/21 – The Fallser Club, Philadelphia, PA (Aria 51 Record Release Party)

Divine Hand Ensemble ‘Aria 51’ album artwork

Divine Hand Ensemble ‘Aria 51’ album artwork